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Manics Sing Newy! - NME, 28th August 1999

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Title: Manics Sing Newy!
Publication: NME
Date: Saturday 28th August 1999

NME280899 (3).jpg

'Masses Against The Classes' debuted at V99

As promised by Nicky Wire earlier this summer, Manic Street Preachers unveiled their prospective new punk rock single, 'Masses Against The Classes', at V99 Fesüval in Chelmsford on Saturday.

"That's the kind of songwriting that Wins Ivor Novellos," claimed James Dean Bradfield during a headlining set in which the band reignited feuds with both the Levellers and Billy Bragg.

Referring to the quarrel With Bragg, where the singer criticised the Manics' private backstage toilets at Glastonbury, bassist Wire told the V99 crowd: "How are the toilets out there? Ours is fucking brilliant. It must've cost about £5,000 this time."

Bradfield continued: "At least we don't blow it on cocaine like the other bands." Earlier in the day, the Levellers launched an onstage tirade against the Manics, claiming the headliners had requested they be kicked off the bill.

Singer Mark Chadwick said his band were disappointed because they'd given the Manics support during their early career. He concluded: "But we're not bitter."

Wire wasted no time responding to Chadwick's statement, confirming to the crowd: "The Levellers gave us our first break."

"We saw them and thought, 'This is the worst fucking band we've ever seen, we don't want to end up like them'."

"And now they're first on the bill and we're headlining, which would you choose?"

Melanie C, who made her solo festival debut at Chelmsford, revealed to NME she was delighted at the Manics' decision to play 'Masses Against The Classes'.

Speaking after her performance at the Staffordshire V99 site, she said: "I'm gonna stay and see them tonight. I can't wait! It's brilliant! I think they're great."