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Manics Havana It Large In 2001 - NME, 19th December 2000

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Manic Street Preachers will present their new album 'Know Your Enemy' at an unprecedented concert in Cuba on February 17th. The band will play their sixth album for the first time in the 5,000-seat Karl Marx Theater in the main island of the island, Harvana, because they want to make their comeback "more interesting and stimulating" after they consider the whole process of record releases dull-witted. In an exclusive interview with the NME from his home in Wales, bassist Nicky Wire explained, "When I write, I feel like I'm new-born, it's just the other things that have to do with it. We have now understood that. This is how the next year will end, it will be around us. It (the concert) is simply something very exciting, "he added. "It could be a disaster. Perhaps there is no plant or whatever, but that is part of the idea that it is a bit adventurous. So many bands come back on the usual path, and this time we just do not do it like that. We still have a lot of plans. "

The Manics are probably the first western rock band to appear in the communist Caribbean state of Cuba. For the inhabitants the entrance will cost only 25 cents. Wire said the band was organizing the event itself with manager Martin Hall, who traveled to Cuba, met the country's minister of culture and planned the concert. He continued: "This is not a student of Che Guevara, it is only that Cuba stands for me as the last symbol that fights against the Americanization of the world. Everything else has capitulated. This is the main reason for my interest. It stands alone. It has not yet given up.

It will be like Wham! in China. I wanted to go there, but when I had the idea in the summer, I thought I would keep it until we're all going so we do not have any preconceived opinions at all. I just want to go and see. They were very helpful, the Cuban offices. I can not wait to get it! "

About the new album, which will be released at the end of March, he said, "It's just totally different from 'This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours,' so you can best describe it. I think, for a year, we might have suppressed our natural instincts too much. And now our natural instincts are back. I am very enthusiastic, but only if everything is going on, with cover and so on, I can tell a lot more about it. " The band recorded approximately 27 tracks for the album, 16 or 17 of which are likely to end up on the record. Nicky said his favorite song was "Freedom Of Speech Will not Feed My Children," produced by David Holmes, with Kevin Sheilds - "just a pretty guitar piece, very melodic." Another track is Miss Europe Disco Dancer "Total 70's disco number". Nicky also rumored to call the album 'Give' em Enough Rope 'a homage to The Clash as' bizarre'. He added, "We're sure no one will think so stupid! But that's just the Internet, I believe. "When asked if the title was" Know You NME, "he said," That would be a good heading, right? I can imagine. "