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Manics Go From Circus To Castro - Aftonbladet, 30th January 2001

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Title: Manics Go From Circus To Castro
Publication: Aftonbladet
Date: Tuesday 30th January 2001
Writer: Tore S Börjesson

"Cuba still scares out of the United States" - Yesterday: Rockbjörnen. Next time: Cuba. Soon, Manic Street Preachers Havana is taking part and rocking Fidel Castro. The heart is on the left.

Rocking With Fidel

James Dean Bradfield was award-winning and guest artist at Circus yesterday. On March 26, Manic Street Preacher's new album, "Know your enemy", is released, but first they go to Cuba.

James Dean Bradfield, guitarist, singer and chief executive of Manic Street Preachers music, last night visited Rockbjorn at Circus. He handed out the price. He presented the mega hit "If you tolerate this then your children will be next" in front of an equally packed salon.

Not Hip With Socialism

It's just the beginning. On February 17, Manic Street Preachers plays in Havana. Never before has a band of similar commercial dignity done something so crazy to launch its new album. See it as a statement.

"Cuba still scares out of the United States. Why? It's a threat to the United States because it's a country whose policies are still based on an ideology," said James. Ideology has a name: socialism. It's not funny to confess to it. But James and Company fail. They see themselves as the rock's counterpart to Cuba. They are also socialists. "Yes, even our ideals are considered old fashioned. Many also see us as a beautiful failure. So people in Cuba also see," he said with a cheeky smile and hugs one in the line of Marlboro's.

Sings About Elián

Manic Street Preachers releases their new album "Know your enemy" on March 26th. In four of the songs - "Let Robeson Sing", "The Convalescent", "Baby Elián" and "Freedom of Speech Won't Feed My Children "- there are references to Cuba. Among other things, they sing about Alberto Juantorena, the legendary runner star, and then Elián Gonzalez, the six-year refugee found outside Florida's coast in 1999. "None of us say Cuba is a perfect country, but in some respects, they've really succeeded." As introducing general and free health care, James Dean Bradfield says.