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Manics Frontman Admits He's Lost For Lyrics - The Western Mail, 31st May 2004

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Title: Manics Frontman Admits He's Lost For Lyrics
Publication: The Western Mail
Date: Monday 31st May 2004
Writer: Claire Hill

Welsh rock heroes Manic Street Preachers are renowned for their thoughtful, well-written lyrics, but the band's lead singer has admitted he doesn't understand many of them.

James Dean Bradfield told an audience of fans at the Hay Festival that, while he sings the words, he doesn't necessarily know what they are about.

Bradfield said lyricist Nicky Wire concentrates on the words, while he focuses on the music. He used to let Wire and writing partner Richey Edwards discuss their strong feelings in the lyrics

Bradfield's foray into writing with Ocean Spray, which was about the death of his mother, looks unlikely to be repeated.

Doubting that he would write lyrics again, he said, "The first time I wrote a song it was about someone close to me dying, I don't think I will be in a hurry to do that again."

However he did reveal that Wire is writing songs with a partner again - the first time since the disappearance of band member Richey Edwards.

The 35-year-old, who is currently penning the Blackwood band's seventh album, has decided to write some of the lyrics with his brother, Patrick Jones.

Bradfield said, '"It is the first time he has written with anyone since Richey."

"He had a ying and yang thing going on with Richey, and with Patrick I think it might be the same."

"People always assume that Richey was the driving force writing lyrics, but it was 50/50. Straight down the middle until The Holy Bible album."

"They would bounce off each other, but when the Richey thing happened there was nothing to bounce off, no contradictory opinions."

The singer explained it took a long time for his band mate to open himself up to writing with another person.

"The fact that it was Patrick explains it a bit."