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Manics Floor 'Em At Reading - Melody Maker, 12th September 1992

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Title: Manics Floor 'Em At Reading
Publication: Melody Maker
Date: Saturday 12th September 1992


Manic Street Preacher Nicky Wire seriously injured two security guards at last weekend's Reading Festival. The guards were taken to hospital suffering concussion and a fractured arm after they were hit by the body of Wire's guitar when he smashed it against the amps and thew it into the crowd. One of them recieved eight stitches in a head wound. The other had his arm put in plaster.

The incident happened at the end of the Manics' Saturday afternoon set. The security guards, employed by Specialised Security, were standing in front of the photographer's pit when they were hit.

The Manics' management told The Maker: "Nicky's excuse is that he's a pretty feeble bastard and he didn't have the strength to pitch it over the pit into the audience." However, Specialised head George Cameron is taking a more concerned attitude.

"Thank God the security were in the right place at the right time," hbe told us. "It was quite packed down the front of the stage and if the guitar hadn't hit our chaps it might have done more harm."

Despite the injuries to his men, Cameron is laughing off reports that the company intend to sue the Preachers.

"All I can say at this moment is that we're recieving full co-operation from the band and their management. It's not in anyone's interests for people to start suing each other. You can't really hold the band responsible for something that happens during 30 seconds of an hour-long performance. That said, the next time I do the Manics I'll have a couple of guys facing the stage as well!"