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Manics: Cancellations Blight US Tour - Melody Maker, 25th September 1999

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Title: Manics: Cancellations Blight US Tour
Publication: Melody Maker
Date: Saturday 25th September 1999

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Manic Street Preachers' ill-fated American tour took another nosedive last week, leaving many fans convinced that the whole thing is jinxed.

James Dean Bradfield had to call off shows in New York and Boston after suffering throat problems that left him unable to sing.

The Manics played a gig in New York's Bowery Ballroom last Monday (September 13). They were due to play there again the next night.

But on the Tuesday morning, when the band were filing for MTV, James' illness became apparent.

According to The Maker's Robin Bresnark, who was with the band: "His voice was very bad all morning," But James still intended to carry on with the show.

Robin said: "He's had this before. His routine is to sing and sing and he gets there eventually. But on this occasion, it didn't come. He couldn't get any notes at all. Right to the last minute, they really thought that they could troupe on through, but there was nothing he could do about it."

Wednesday's show at the Boston Paradise was also called off, after the hurricane sweeping America last week grounded James' flight from New York.

The explanations have not stopped Manica fans on the Internet swapping theories about rows, record company bust-ups and the great US tour jinx.

A spokeswoman for the band said: "James spent most of Tuesday doing interviews. He felt unwell. They didn't soundcheck that day because they didn't need to. It was the same venue they'd played the night before."

"When he got to the gig shortly before they were due onstage, he began his warm-up - and it was evident to everyone there that he didn't have a voice that would've carried him through a show."

"It's very rare that James Bradfield cancels anything. He's very conscientious. The decision to cancel would not have been taken lightly, especially given the importance of the show and being aware that fans had come from all over the world."

"Then, I believe, Nick and Sean left for Boston. James stayed behind in New York with the manager, waiting for a doctor. When the doctor came, he prescribed some kind of steroids for James' condition."

"James and Martin tried to leave New York for Boston. Their plane sat on the Tarmac for a couple of hours and they were informed that the flight just couldn't take off because of the storm."

"The last I heard was that he's taking his steroids and is feeling better."

Nicky Wire was quoted as saying: "James' falsetto had disappeared, and everything had just gone."

However, the Manics did get back together and fulfilled all their weekend commitments with gigs at Detroit, Chicago and Minneapolis.

James is expected to consult a throat specialist on his return to the UK, having also recently had to blow out the Werchester Festival in Belgium due to voice problems.

His spokeswoman said: "They've been touring for 14 months. Besides being on tour, they've been doing TV shows. It's constant pressure on his voice. I guess he just needs a rest."

The American dates were originally called off due to the death of James' mother. The rescheduled shows were then rearranged.