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Manics: "There Will Be Gigs This Year" - NME, 14th January 2012

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Title: Manics: "There Will Be Gigs This Year"
Publication: NME
Date: Saturday 14th January 2012


Just weeks after their supposed send-off gig at The O2, Nicky Wire reveals the Manics have made some plans for 2012 after all - they just don't involve playing gigs in the UK...

It is a lady's prerogative to change her mind. And as we know, it is also the 'Manic Street Preachers'. Not week's after pledging to go away for at least two years following their spectacular singles marathon, Nicky Wire has revealed to NME that they will indeed he playing shows in 2012.

What's this? The final contradiction, from the band Who pledged to split after one album...? Well, perhaps not. Read their 'National Treasures' promise closely and you'll notice that they only said they'd leave the UK alone while they reinvent themselves. 'There was no mention of the rest of the world.

So rejoice, those already suffering withdrawal symptoms. "We'll be doing small bits, obviously [in] places you go less," Nicky. "You've still got to satisfy fans' needs so there'll still be little gigs around the around the rest world."

But Nicky's feelings about the homeland are going to take a bit more time to work through.

"In terms of the UK, we just need to disappear into our own world, into our studio," he says. The plan is still very much to go away for a couple of years - "We've had a good run, we can't rush anything now" - but it seems we'll be seeing Nicky, James and Sean sooner than anyone first thought.

"We'll be making music for ourselves and figuring out what we can do to still have a place in this ever-changing world, if we can."

Yet it still may not even be that simple. Last summer, before the band's current iteration signed it's death warrant, Nicky pledged to play some kind of anti-Diamond Jubilee celebration. "I mean how fucking saturated have we been with the Royal Family this year? he raged. "So there'll be one gig, just to avoid having to listen to Prince Phillip for an hour."

an Pressed on this promise, he blushes. "Well, even if we just busk on the streets in Blackwood, we could do that. But as far as proper gigs in the UK, we said we'd go away and we will."

So it looks as if the term Manic Street Preachers' may be about to come full circle. And, if nothing else, the superfans now have some clues as to where to be camping out this June...