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Manics' Triumphant Christmas - Planet Sound, 22nd December 2007

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Title: Manics' Triumphant Christmas
Publication: Planet Sound
Date: Saturday 22nd December 2007
Writer: John Earls

Do You Enjoy Christmas?
For the 70s generation, the rest of the year was so awful, Christmas was something you look forward to. It was the best TV, the best food. It's unfortunate there's so much TV and consumerism now, Christmas doesn't get to kids in quite the same way. It's China's fault for making everything so cheap. Some of the money that got paid for tat back then...albums were not cheap when I was growing up, either.

What was your best present?
A leather Fonz jacket when I was 12, that I wore with a tank top. That was spectacular. And I got Psychocandy one Christmas, waking up with a headache and putting that on. Oh, wait, the best present was the 6ft snooker table my dad made. For months, he'd disappear down the shed after work and we didn't know what the hell was going on. It was magic, though he did throw the balls at us if he lost.

What about the worst present?
Ah, I don't moan about bad presents. There's always the charity box, or weekly recycling. The one thing I didn't like getting as a kid was Airfix, as I couldn't make the models.

Who do you want under the mistletoe?
My wife and mother. An odd couple. Do I have the 'dream woman get out' with my wife? I've never thought about that. I might bring this up with my wife, to see if she has thought about it. Hmmm.

What's your favourite Christmas Song?
The 70's classics, Wizzard and Slade. Merry Xmas Everybody actually has a brilliant melancholia to it. A sneaky one is I Was Born on Christmas Day by Tim Burgess and Sarah Cracknell, they did it properly and it's a proper nice Christmas song. I've got a soft spot for Mariah Carey's, the video is good, her in a Santa outfit. Can't go wrong.

When did you stop believing in Santa?
I was always cynical. Five or six.

What do you want for Christmas?
The Monocled Mutineer, a great 80s TV series that on just out on DVD. And Johnny Jarvis, a rites of passage '70s BBC series that I've got a sneaky feeling my brother's found me on ebay.

What are your new year resolutions?
To get healthy, so detoxification in my life. In my tiny way, Ive had some alcohol abuse over the past six months on tour and bad food. I want to watch more TV and catch up on reading more.

What was your best new year?
When we played Millennium Stadium, That was the one I felt magical on New Year, a rare that went perfectly.

What are you doing for New Year's Eve?
I hate New Year. We used to go up West Wales, sit in the rain, be thoroughly melancholic about it all. I'll stay in and watch American Football, dripping pizza and guzzling red wine til 2am, watching Green Bay Packers. Bliss