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Manics' Smashing Cardiff Comeback, NME, 17th March 2001

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Title: Manics' Smashing Cardiff Comeback
Publication: NME
Date: Saturday 17th March 2001
Photos: Lucy Scott-Harris


Equipment and Anne Robinson get mauled

Manic Street preachers smashed up their equipment and Nicky Wire laid into TV presenter Anne Robinson at an aggressive 'hometown' Cardiff gig last week.

The gig, at the 600-capacity Cardiff Coal Exchange last Thursday (March 8), was the Manics' first UK show since their 1999 New Year's Eve concert at the nearby Millennium Stadium. Fans queued from 7am to see the band.

The Manics destroyed all their equipment following the hour-long set, which was broadcast live on Radio 1. They played nine songs from new album 'Know Your Enemy', along with raw versions of hit singles 'Australia' and You Stole The Sun From My Heart'.

Nicky Wire also launched an attack on Anne Robinson, the presenter of quiz show The Weakest Link, who attracted controversy last week after describing the Welsh as "irritating" on the TV programme Room 101. Wearing a white tennis dress, knee-high pink and white socks and a tiara, Wire said from the stage: "Don't you think I look more like a woman than Anne Robinson? She's a fucking dog."

Wire continued his criticism of the former Watchdog presenter: "As Jim Royle said in The Royle Family, 'Watchdog? I am watching a dog'." Wire's tirade was broadcast live on Radio 1 along with his repeated backing vocal of " braindead motherfuckers" which he sang on 'Miss Europa Disco Dancer'. Wire sung lead vocals on 'Wattsville Blues' and swapped his bass With Bradfield to play lead guitar on both songs.

The Manics completed their show With 'A Design For Life', at the end of which Bradfield smashed his guitar into two pieces against the stage. Wire followed, destroying his bass and pushing Over the amplifiers and drumkit.