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Manic Street Preachers On The Libertines Reunion - Gigwise, 4th July 2014

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Title: Manic Street Preachers On The Libertines Reunion
Publication: Gigwise
Date: Friday 4th July 2014
Writer: Andrew Trendell

Band discuss the 'beauty' of Pete Doherty - and how special shows will be

Manic Street Preachers have praised The Libertines ahead of their huge upcoming reunion gig at British Summer Time in Hyde Park this weekend.

The 'Motorcycle Emptiness' rock legends often have comparisons drawn with The Libertines, due to the powerful image and headline-grabbing chaotic nature of their early days.

However, unlike Pete, Carl and co, the Manics have never imploded - and have survived controversy, heartbreak and a member going missing to prove true veterans; staying together for over 25 years without ever splitting.

"We've often wonder what would have happened if we'd have split up around 'Masses Against The Classes' and then left it five years," bassist and lyricist Nicky Wire told Gigwise. "We certainly would have made more money and headlined all the festivals. It's kind of a well-trodden path. If I was a manager now, I'd probably advise a band to split up for five years, because it's such an easy way of making money.

"Sometimes you get the feeling that would have been a nice career path, but we've just been too itchy and twitchy and it wouldn't have sat well with us."

Frontman James Dean Bradfield continued: "One suspicion I have with us is that, if and when we do split up or have a five year break or whatever, to tap into that mindset of being in a band again, to have that aesthetic muscle memory to be in this band again - it will take a lot of work. You either buy into obsession and have days where you feel like you're driving a tricycle through molasses and the days that aren't fun, but when it pays off it's amazing. You can't just jump into it and be in a band again."

However, the band have a different opinion about the reunion of The Libertines.

"Aye, they're different. They'd just fall back into it," said James. "I was happy when The (Stone) Roses reformed because they never made that much money the first time around. It was like Kevin Keegan looking at all these rich young footballers and thinking 'I want some of that'. With The Libertines, I love them, and if they fall back into it and make a mistake, nobody cares. Literally fall. Sometimes to play that sloppily and have that contention to hang loose is something you can't teach people. It either sounds good or it sounds awful, and they just have that beautiful sloppiness.

"It will be special when Pete steps back on stage with The Libertines. He's always going to say something that resonates with you somehow. The way he holds himself with that 'the rain man's out to get me' look on his face' - I love it."

Nicky added: "There's not much for them to remember! But with Pete, it could be something he says or something he wears, it'll just connect."