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Manic Street Preachers On 'The Holy Bible' Shows: 'It Feels Like The Right Time' -, 23rd September 2014

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Title: Manic Street Preachers On 'The Holy Bible' Shows: 'It Feels Like The Right Time'
Date: Tuesday 23rd September 2014

Band will perform the complete album in a series of special gigs

Manic Street Preachers have spoken about the decision to perform their 1994 album 'The Holy Bible' in full.

In an announcement made earlier today (September 23), the band revealed they will play the gigs this December in Glasgow, Manchester, Dublin and London. 'The Holy Bible' the Manics' third album turned 20 years old in August, while the previous month saw the release of their 12th studio LP 'Futurology'.

"If we'd been coming off the back of a bit of a dud album then we probably would've thought people might think we're doing this because we've had a bad year or something," bassist Nicky Wire told the BBC. "But because we've had such a good year, it feels like the right time."

The band will not be performing the gigs with extra musicians, as they would when normally touring. Wire admitted that the set up will put extra pressure on frontman James Dean Bradfield. "I suppose James gets a breather when we're doing 'Intense Humming of Evil'," he said. The album's penultimate track features a lengthy, vocals-free introduction.

Wire also rejected suggestions that the shows may stir painful emotions for the group as many of the album's lyrics were penned by guitarist Richey Edwards. Edwards went missing in 1995 and was declared presumed dead 13 years later.

"I don't think there's any kind of tumultuous difference, you just kind of live with that every day really," said Wire.

Wire also revealed that his 12-year-old daughter keeps his feet on the ground by unfavourably comparing his talent to that of Ed Sheeran. "My daughter just delights in telling me that Ed Sheeran beats me all the time," he said. "She just keeps saying that if I was as good as Ed Sheeran I'd be happier."