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Manic Street Preachers In The City - Aftenposten, 27th March 2001

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Title: Manic Street Preachers In The City
Publication: Aftenposten
Date: Tuesday 27th March 2001
Writer: Morten Sørdal

Ahh, I'm just kidding this cold air. It's so fresh, Nicky Wire says. The Manic Street bassist stands on the Grand Balkon and takes some magic excerpt Karl Johan-air.

If I choose to move on, it must come to Scandinavia. I like being here and I'm happy when it's raining. Besides, London is not something for me, because I'm too little social. It is James (Dean Bradfield, red.anm.) Who takes care of the social. He's partying for ten. Bass-Wire slides down on the sofa and puts its sunglasses on the nose. They are exceptionally ugly, and most of all remind me of a pair of aunt goggles from the crazy seventies.

"If you remove all the staff, we are a classic rock band. "Know Your Enemy" is a tribute to all the music we love, from Beach Boys to punk, "Wire says.

The bassist works awfully relaxed where he sits and rests on some hitsingles, millions of albums sold and a few laurels.

"We had both the freedom and the confidence to do what we wanted. It might take some time to like this album, and I think we will get more success with it in Europe than in England. Out, we're still a pretty young band, but at home we've been out for so long that people are getting a little suspicious, "Wire says.

How is the political rock today? Is it dead?

"As a successful artist, you can quickly go to sleep in your own little bubble. I have studied politics at university so I would lied if I had said I was not politically engaged. But although some of the songs on "Know Your Enemy" are about how swollen the United States may be in political matters, it does not mean I'm right. Politically correct or not: In mid February, the Manics was the first Western rock band in front of Fidel Castro and 5,000 other Cubans in Havana's Carl Marx Theater.

"The Cuba visit was the most bizarre I've ever participated in, it was like being in a movie. Castro was a charming and witty man. Prior to the concert, he wondered how much we would play. If it would be more noisy than war. When we met him the following day he just said:

It was louder than war.

And in the summer, Manic Street Preachers will all be judged to listen to the Quart Festival. Earlier, they have held dozens of concerts in Norway.

The Quart Festival will be the only concert we will give in Norway this year. This summer we have prioritized festivals, but we will see if we come to Oslo during the fall or winter, "says Nicky Wire.