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Manic Street Preachers - Zillo, August 1996

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Title: Manic Street Preachers
Publication: Zillo
Date: July 1996
Writer: Frank Keil
Photos: Frank Ockenfells


With the debut album "Generation Terrorists", the Manic Street Preachers in 1992 proved their tendency to depression, suicide thoughts and alcohol and drug abuse. Titles such as "Born To End", "So Dead" and "Spectators Of Suicide" still speak a clear language. Not to mention the single "Theme From MASH (Suicide Is Painless)". It was almost to be expected that sooner or later the band would meet with a fate. On February 1, 1995, it was unfortunately so far. On the eve of a US promo tour, bandleader / guitarist Richey James disappeared without a trace, and to this day there is no indication of his whereabouts despite intensive research on all sides.

"Despite all the destructive tendencies that could be attributed to us, the loss of our friend Richey was a shocking event that for a long time was completely debilitating on Sean, Nicky and myself," says singer James Dean Bradfield, who is now the trio for interviews represents. "In the last five years before Richey disappeared, there was not a day when I was not talking to him or meeting him, so it was like a shock to us when he did not show up again , which is also in the sense of Richey."

Significantly, the fourth album by the British from South Wales is titled "Everything Must Go", and the Manic Street Preachers not only follow seamlessly the successes of the three predecessors, but also appear more fresh and positive. The first single "A Design For Life", a wonderful pop track with a sensitive string orchestral, the bassist Nicky Wire, singer / guitarist James Dean Bradfield and drummer Sean Moore, was already in second place on the English charts shortly after the release.

"To The Faithful Departed" is known as the current Cranberries release, and in a foreword by singer Dolores O'Riordan, it says: This album is dedicated to all those who have gone before us. "A statement that also applies to the Manic Street preachers, one looks more intensely behind the scenes of the trio." When we slowly realised that our friend might never be able to return, we decided to move on towards the end of last year, in spite of the existing uncertainty. After a performance with the Stone Roses at the end of December in London's Wembley Arena, we moved back to a studio / castle in Normandy in early 1996, "James continued," For three tracks we had some older lyrics by Richey, otherwise the other material will be on the account of Nicky, who is definitely the music of our still powerful music more optimism. Nicky was also involved in songwriting in previous productions, and through his marriage he was optimistically optimistic and even then the opposite pole to Richey."

Nicky himself explained this to the English journalist, Jon Savage, during a recent interviews: "I want to live, in any case and under all circumstances." It was not always the case with Richey, but I've recognised that for myself."

There was hardly any change to the catchy guitar sounds and noisy and catchy melodies, and the Manic Street preachers remained unmistakable as they were at the beginning of their career in 1990. "The Girl Who Wanted", "Kevin Carter" from Richey's, or "The Girl Who Wanted" by Nicky. In their publications, the Wallis Quartet never echoed as vehemently as live, which is underscored by its success stories "Generation Terrorists" (1992), "Gold Against The Soul" (1993) and "The Holy Bible" (1994). At the present time, the positive passion of their music is complemented by the intelligent lyrics and makes "Everything Must Go" a sure chart topper.

"We've rediscovered the fun of the music, and the band is still the most important part of our lives, so we'll go back as much as we can," says James, who is more and more relaxed in the course of our ongoing conversation. Not only did I appreciate the Manic Street Preachers since the beginning of the group, they were honest in their abilities and close contact with the working class, which is also reflected in "A Design For Life". And also in terms of game technology there are still clear structures, despite or just thanks to all the small improvements. The catchy production does a lot.

"Mike Hedges helped us a lot as a producer, and with the studio equipment, some of which had already been used by the Beatles for their recordings, we were able to realize our ideas optimally in the calm of the French castle 12 the way to the current album."

The negative side with which the Manic Street preachers in their early days caused headlines mostly negative: depression, suicide, drugs. Now they seem to be on a better path, and that's good. The uncertainty about the fate of her friend Richey James will undoubtedly continue to have an effect on the three remaining musicians, who, however, have not closed themselves to the future, true to their motto: "Everything Must Go"! Whether they will have a former classic such as "Suicide Is Painless" still in the program at the upcoming concerts remains to be seen, even if it combines all the Manic Street Preachers virtues. Your decision not to play this or similar deposited title after the 1.