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Manic Street Preachers - TJECK, April 2001

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Title: Manic Street Preachers
Publication: TJECK
Date: April 2001
Writer: Erik Hansen

'TJECK's Erik Hansen met the singer James Dean Bradfield from Manic Street Preachers when Bradfield recently visited Copenhagen. There was a talk about media stunts, Big Brother, Marilyn Manson and the new album, Know Your Enemy.

"When we released our previous record, "This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours", we followed all the rules of the game, Bradfield says: "We did right and did as it was said. We made some nice videos, and it also brought fruit. For the first time, we sold not only plates in England but reached a large audience in most of the world. "But when the truth comes forward, we eventually became bored to death, so this time it will be different.

James Dean Bradfield sits in a suite in the Copenhagen Hotel Phoenix as part of a promotional tour for the new album, "Know Your Enemy". And it is clear to see that he thinks what he says. He knows that he, bassist Nicky Wire and drummer Sean Moore, can not just lie home on the couch and eat popcorn if they want to know Your Enemy to the audience.

But this time, Manic Street Preachers will take some chances. Find a new way to launch the disc and do not just like everyone else. The first step has been to make a single like "So Why So Sad". People, especially in England, have since blamed us for the fact that we had started to become reluctant and mild. "So Why So Sad" will probably give those who think it's something to talk abouT - until they hear the text that's not as Beach Boys-like as the melody itself is, Bradfield smiles and elaborates: "To put it all the more at the forefront, we in England have also chosen to broadcast the more hard-hitting and raw song, "Found That Soul" AND" So Why So Sad". In addition, there has also been this Cuba thing."

Concert in Cuba

Cuba is a concert that ran out of the stack at the Karl Marx Theater in Havana in Cuba on February 17th. With the concert, Manic Street Preachers became the first Western band ever to play in Cuba. 5,000 tickets were put on sale for the 25 cents piece (about two pounds) and of course were demolished. Part of the local, but also of fans from the rest of the world. The event chose the band first and foremost to stack his legs as a tribute to Cuban Communist chief Castro. But the concert at the same time served as a media stunt and also at home gave plenty of coverage in a wide variety of media, of course, is not to be choked.

No matter who you are, the media's attention alpha and omega for record sales. But the best way to draw attention to his music, Bradfield seems to be writing some good texts: "You can always do things so people will notice you. Do you hug your head, you should get a lot of attention."

"I think it's a bit more refined if you use the music as a voice-tip, to make people notice what you're doing. Being able to write a text that matters. That's not about your relationship with your boyfriend or other clichés, for example, how it's to be on drugs. Texts with meaning in, as well, can withstand a discussion with, for example, a journalist."

On "Know Your Enemy" we have for the first time made a disco song, "Miss Europa Disco Dancer". Specifically, it's written with these "begging-kisses" television shows like "Big Brother" in the headline, which is about to be successful all over the world, and at least it has been in England. Television companies have found that it is cheap television. They do not need to hire actors or scriptwriters anymore, but can only put ordinary people in a tense situation. Apparently there are plenty of viewers. "I think it's scary television, and it's getting more and more of it."

Fan by Marilyn Manson

James Dean Bradfield knows that a good text is not enough. Not when competing with people who give up their own identity in the hope of fame and big record sales. In general, he thinks that the development is ill with a single exception: "I am very impressed by Marilyn Manson. He is the perfect entertainment solution and eminent to play his cards right. You get so much more than music with him, and regardless of whether you think music should be made into a mythical universe that way or not, I can not even be fascinated by Mr. Manson. Buying his plates is a quite exciting experience thanks to all the things you can do at the same time. But he is the king of attention. No matter what one I could find, it would never surpass what is happening in his universe. " I do not think Marilyn Manson could learn anything from me or Manic Street Preachers. It should be from our 1994 "The Holy Bible" album and the power and madness that was over that record.

Conversely, I do not think I could learn anything from him. Marilyn Manson is one of the world's most brave men. But I know there is also a price to pay when you are like him and I'm not willing to pay. Some days he is probably the happiest man in the world thanks to his farms, and it is also nice that he has been able to drive it all out. Other days, I just do not think it's so funny to be the one who gets the attention in such an extreme way. And is not there anything else that he receives 25 death threats a day? "No, I'd rather be myself."