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Manic Street Preachers - Skream!, September 2010

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Title: Manic Street Preachers
Publication: Skream!
Date: September 2010
Writer: Ito Yusuke

"By the time a band releases the tenth album, the fans may still come to the live, but the band knows the fact that the albums ever covered the dust at home for a long time Since we debuted, we want as many people as possible to listen to our message, so we do not want such a situation to happen, listen to our music flowing in every media But recently everyone is lamenting that the age of rock is over, clearly I do not know for sure, "Nicky Wire (Vo & Ba) calmly objectives the band.

A new work "Postcards From A Young Man" will be released with a message from the previous work "Journal For Plague Lovers" only 1 year and 4 months, as soon as "the last blow for the media". And this new work is the 10th album to be memorable of Manic Street Preachers. Naturally, this record is not so easy. Amazingly, it is a high pace that I can not imagine a veteran band. As a factor of this, it seems that bold production in the previous work is still influenced. It was created as "4 MANICS". James Dean Bradfield (Vo & Gt), Nicky Wire, Sean Moore (Dr), and what a credit is written as "All Lyrics Richard Edwards". As you know, it is an original member, an icon that embodies the idea of ​​the band, which disappeared suddenly in February 1995 and is still missing guitarist Richey James. "Journal For Plague Lovers" cited all songs that he wrote down until just before the disappearance, and was produced with the cooperation of the name engineer Steve Albini, "The Journal For Plague Lovers" was created with their best masterpiece and calling "Holy Bible" 2nd It was positioned as "work". Personal guess to this movement, but let the critics that showed a cold evaluation so far, and the last album "Holy Bible "again aiming to complete the tragedy of Richey even though it was returning to the origin, trying to take the first step of the new Manics as a true intention (strangely at the time of this creation the British court sent a sentence of death of Richey I announced). The powerfulness of that decision stimulated creative awareness, moved them and moved...I also felt this from a positive mood to the new work. Let's look back on their careers before introducing the details of the new work here. It is a history that embodies the tragedy and happiness of rock and roll.

Formed in Wales in 1988. The childhood friend's 4 group is noticed by the fusion of glamorous punk style attire and powerful beauty melodies, intelligence of lyrics stuffed with politics / literature/philosophy and punkish physicality. But during this period, the "extreme declaration of war" became more popular than their music itself, "I laughed when John Lenon died", "I will make a debut album capturing NO.1 worldwide. It breaks out to the statement saying "It is dissolved!", And eventually it will cause that incident. In May 1991, NME magazine reporter despised the band against sensational remarks, Richey inscribed Manics as "4 REAL" with his razor to the left, and sewed 17 needles as well You will be injured. The intense pictures of this moment that also blew up the fresh blood that gushes out is famous as one that symbolized the thought of the band (or ruffle). Despite various controversies, he announced the debut album 'Generation Terrorists' in 1992, but the result is NO. 1 will not be caught, withdrawing the dissolution declaration, choosing the way to survive the band. In 1993 "Gold Against The Soul" was announced. Although the highest ranking in the UK chart showed more results than the previous work, critics still kept cold. In 1994, I made a change in such a situation, "Holy Bible" was produced by self-produced. From high appraisal it seemed that the band's full-scale entry into the US was also visible, but Richey who suffered from psychosis disappears. The band is inactive, but due to the wishes of Richey's family, activity restarted. In 1996 "Everything Must Go" was announced, and this resurrection is a big hit all over the world as if irony also receives trade price. In 1998 "This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours" won the 1st place in all the British wish. In the 1999 Brid Award, they are selected as the best club of Best Album and Best British Band, and they grow to a nationwide band with both fame. In 2001, "Know Your Enemy" was announced and during this time Castro was watching, the Cuba performance which was the first attempt of the history as a Western rock band will also be successful. After that, I will issue the 2002 best album "Forever Delayed" to summarize the career, but this one also spreads rumors of unexpected dissolution on the street. Soon I will kick the rumor with "Life Blood" (2004), but declare the suspension of activity for two years meaning vacation here. During this period James and Nicky entered solo career and surprised the fans, but returned in 2007 "Send Away The Tigers". We ranked second in the UK to show a new peak. Then announcing the aforementioned Journal For Plague Lovers 2009, it will continue to a new work.

"Postcards From A Young Man" is a wonderful album with a fresh emotional burst. James' s powerful singing voice leads the track "It's Not War" Just The End Of Love ", magnificent classical rock" Postcards From A Young Man "that symbolized the Manics clause, Unison with Ian McCulloch who participated in the guests "Some Kind Of Nothingness" colored with the menstrual astringency, Hazleton Avenue elegant and comfortable, such as Hazleton Avenue, will boost expectations as an overwhelmingly perfect album. In addition to John Cale Duff McKagan's attention is surprising guests, and actor Tim Roth is appointed as artwork of the jacket.

James says, "Recently, a man who calls himself an expert on television is talking bellavera that the era of music business is over, and when you are watching that, you are driven by the urge to write songs in reverse. I think that I will protect the music as art! " What a wonderful word. He still believes that art moves the times. It is rock 'n roll that he poured as art. Rock 'n' roll has something important, so this band keeps on walking. You keep on walking for any criticism or tragedy. Finally, let's quote the British sculptor Henry Moore. "The secret to life is to find out what you want to live your own lifetime and want to cherish even 1/1 second of the day, so the most important thing is that its dreams and goals can not be easily fulfilled It is."