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Manic Street Preachers - Rockin'on, June 2018

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Title: Manic Street Preachers
Publication: Rockin'on
Date: June 2018
Writer: Yukiko Kojima
Photos: Alex Lake


This work is named "Resistance is Futile" and the picture of "Samurai" is used in the jacket, but James explains about these meanings as follows.

What will I feel when my age reaches a certain age ... As everything around me changes, as everything transforms and divides, how do I feel It is becoming it. Do I myself strive to it, or do I try to understand or leave it to the flow? I think it is really difficult to decide on it. Especially regarding political matters.

Even in economic terms, even with a progressive digital culture. Many of the songs this time depict the movement of emotions for those things. I wonder where I stand and what is truth. Perhaps Nick noticed that such a theme was flowing under the lyrics, opened the art book holding it with one end and got to the example picture. I felt that the look of that samurai tells everything.

Brave, strong, confront tests, have difficulties ... all these things can be seen from that face. He is proud, but I know that everything is done. I fought bravely but I lost the fight. I am puzzled because I do not want to admit, but I already know everything. All that is summarized.

However, this title has a dual meaning. After thinking about things like what I said right now, I'd like to think that even though it seems similar, I hopefully made an album that they confront firmly against the current music without some individuality That's why. It is the one and only band that we themselves possessed by the melody, and the fact that we are "resistanceless" for our music wants us to be the unchanging truth in every change There was.

In addition to such a "Samurai" jacket, in the video of the leading single "International Blue" announced at the end of last year the intro included "Japanese narration". For what reason did you use this narration?

Nick and director Keiran Evans have been with each other for a long time, I've been thinking about concepts together with many videos and have built a relationship as a creative partner.

He and Nick thought about the concept together and stuffed how to put it into visual expression. I think it is obvious that "International Blue" lists the life of Yves Klein, but he has a deep connection with Japan. He was interested in Japanese culture and was also interested in blending it with Western culture. That's why we incorporated that part into the video.

And at the end of the interview, the base / vocal Nikki Wire talks that he thinks that the current work will be either the "album announcing the opening of the new chapter" of the band or the "album telling the end of Manix" Questions about the things. James himself thinks which work has the meaning of this work? I answered as follows.

I do not understand it at all (laugh). It is absurd to try first to learn about the future. Besides, it is obvious that close to the end rather than the beginning, now after three people have made the thirteenth and now they are nearly fifty years old. That is only a simple fact.

But really, I do not understand at all. I believe that we have reacted to the times, and the current era is extremely confusing and it has become extremely polarized. So if there are people who insist on knowing the absolute truth, I am very alert. Because there is absolutely no truth. Especially in Europe now. Neither side knows exactly what is the truth.

In addition, the interview also talked about the "barrier" that the band had encountered about the reason why the band who had released a new work with a short span from his debut spent four years of production time for this work.

On the Manics' "Resistance Is Futile" which recorded high sales also in the UK chart, by reading James' words of the interview, it should be able to enter the work world more deeply.