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Manic Street Preachers - Jetzt, October 1998

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Title: Manic Street Preachers
Publication: Jetzt
Date: October 1998

"This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours," the second album after the mysterious disappearance of their guitarist Richey James, The Manics have been high on the European charts for weeks. Now James Dean Bradfield, Nicky Wire and Sean Moore are on tour.

A few truths, please!
Nicky: The earth is round.
James: The ball is round.

And the next album always the hardest. Especially if the previous one was praised as one of the best albums of all time.
James: In fact, the success of "Everything Must Go" has made it easier for us to work, opening up opportunities we had not even dreamed about three years ago.
Nicky: You know, you can not be too much. At the time, after the debacle with our third album "The Holy Bible" and the drama of Richey, we stood before nothingness. And I thought that if we sold "Everything Must Go" 100,000 pieces and maybe booked for a few festivals, I would be happy.

In the English magazines is already raging again the dispute between old and new fans.
James: What can I say. We may not be as sexy as at Richey's times. But everything else has remained.

You consider yourself unsexy?
James: Somehow. We're all also late twenty. We used to dress up, white jeans, makeup, feather boas, shocking T-shirt slogans, very sexy. But that can not be done anymore.

Luckily you've shaved off the terrible beards.
Nicky: If you're tolerate these beards your children will be next.

Do you miss Richey?
Nicky: You mean musically?
James: Well, I had his grips in half an hour.
Nicky: We miss him on stage. In the studio less or when we write songs. He usually sat there just in the corner and scribbled paper full - before he disappeared

When it all started, you only wanted to make a single album - and then disappear again from the scene.
Nicky: That was our goal. We make a record, land a Million seller and immediately detach us. Before we destroy all our income, or we donate it to the miners' union.
James: As a lasting statement about the mendacity of the world and the pop industry in particular.
Sean: Actually, that was our only goal. So I still think sometimes that we have failed.

To what extent has success changed you?
James: On the train I am now first class. I always dreamed of it as a little boy. In addition, I can now afford the vinyl version of records. And of books the hardcover version.

Do you read a lot?
James: (sings) Libraries gave us power ...

Is a pop band a recommended design for life?
Nicky: Yes, but traveling makes me a little bit ready. I suffer from flying. Like Dennis Bergkamp.

Did you ever dream of filming your exciting story?
Nicky: The Manic Street Preachers Story? Cool idea. John Hurt as Richey and Leonardo diCaprio as Sean.
James: ...And Kylie Minogue plays herself.

Your album with her now unfortunately flopped.
James: Yes, we are responsible for that. Because we wrote most songs. We're still guilty for her.

I wonder anyway that on "This Is My Truth..." is not a duet with her on it.
James: Why do you think? We want hits. We want to go on the radio