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Manic Street Preachers: We Must Go To Bergen - Bergensavisen, 23rd February 2001

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Title: Manic Street Preachers: We Must Go To Bergen
Publication: Bergensavisen
Date: Friday 23rd February 2001
Writer: Frank Johnsen

"We feel morally obliged to do a concert in Bergen this fall. But then there will be a day without snow", drummer flies in plateau-like Manic Street Preachers, Sean Moore, to BA.

The British star band has on two occasions been booked into Bergen, but both times they have had to cancel. Last because the bus with all the instruments did not get over Hardangervidden in October 1998.

"We owe Bergen a concert. We probably get it in September / October. It is so beautiful with you. But I remember we got big problems on the return trip to Oslo last. The car was about to slip off a cliff and we had to jump into speed. Quite traumatic", Moore states.

Manic Street Preachers are current with a new album, "Know Your Enemy", the sixth in the series. Moore is no doubt who is the band's greatest enemies; namely for themselves.

"On the previous album, "This Is My Truth ..." (98), we were not honest with ourselves. The songs were mostly weaker than on "Everything Must Go" (96), although it was a huge success. But we could do a better job, spent longer."

You did that now?

"Yeah. The record company gave us full freedom. We worked long in Spain, got away from the environment and all the phones", says Moore. The plate is varied in style, from acoustic pop to rattle and disco.

" We have always had a lot of scope in the music, it has probably confused many. All three are very strange, from classical to jazz and rock. We will not be stereotyped."

Is it just as fun to play today as ten years ago?

"Yeah. It's worse with money and business. For we are musicians and the business takes too much focus", Moore lives in Bristol outside London. And thrive there.

"There is no one in Bristol who likes Manic, so I can go to peace. There they just listen to dance", he claims.

The band was originally a quartet, but rhythm guitarist Richey James disappeared without a trace in February 1995. His car was found empty outside Bristol. Since then no one has seen him.

"We'll never know the truth. I also don't want to wonder if he took suicide, since there is no evidence."

You haven't replaced Richey?

"We walked in ourselves after he disappeared. Found out that we could not replace him, even though we might need a rhythm guitarist in every way. We just have to fight further", says Moore.