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Manic Street Preachers' Bittersweet Breakthrough Album - Helsingin Sanomat, 19th April 2016

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Title: Manic Street Preachers' Bittersweet Breakthrough Album
Publication: Helsingin Sanomat
Date: Tuesday 19th April 2016
Writer: Otto Talvio

Translated from Finnish

Welsh Manic Street Preachers call tomorrow, Wednesday, the Helsinki Ice Hall on the 20-year-old Everything Must Go from the beginning to the end -läpimurtolevynsä. When it was released in May 1996, was originally a four-piece band had time to be a trio of only 15 months.

The band's rhythm guitarist Richey Edwards had lost their hotel in London on 1 February 1995. Among other things, depression and suffered from anorexia Edwards had driven their apartment in Cardiff and two weeks later his car was found abandoned near a gas station in Wales and England share the Severn River Severn Bridge border.

His presumed jumped from the bridge. Edwards was declared dead in 2008.

Six months before Edwards' disappearance published on the band's previous album The Holy Bible was a dark art rock album that tracks right-wing and the criticism of American consumer society mingled sexuality and death, which is lurking around every corner.

The Nazi mass murders, serial killers, suicide and death sentences colored monochromatic mood board so the lyrics that came with the album artwork for the booklet.

The album cover was an artist Jenny Lewis grotesquely beautiful triptych overweight woman.

While the Everything Must Go's 12 chapter five is Edwards' lyrics, it is still everything The Holy Bible was not. It is a muscular, bright and full of life instead of death. It is not difficult to understand why it was successful Brit Awards in 1997 and eventually sold two million copies.

"The first five months of age (after the disappearance of Edwards) were very difficult. We were not even sure we were no longer in the band, "says bassist Nicky Wire phone from the studio in Cardiff.

It took another five months , and Wire received two written opinion, a successful poem, which he sent to guitarist James Dean Bradfield for . This edits the text of one of them and reconciled them to the new track.

"It became A Design for Life . It was the moment when we decided to continue as a band. James called me and sang the song on the phone. He said that it was one of the best ever to write songs, like Phil Spector , Ennio Morricone and REM . in one package. When we rehearsed at Cardiff a few weeks later, we realized that we have enough songs, so we're doing on our own, "he recalls.

A Design for Life seemed Wires Needless successful. Britain was in the midst of guitar bands com boom and the new guitar rave others pop songs Manics were completely up to date.

"I had a feeling that this album could be a success. That if we will not be big now, then we will never big," he says.

Manic Street Preachers are a band that was at the heart of the conflict from the beginning, or at least apparent contradiction between, stadium-rock tendencies and intellectualism. Already on his first album Generation Terrorists (1992), it had consolidated the political rhetoric and large sized guitar rock, a bit like the band The Clash worshiped later on their plates.

Everything Must Go has and that followed, This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours has the band managed to combine kantaaottavuuden success in a way that would probably not be successful suicidal Richey Edwards of the band.

Were the remaining band members never guilty for the disappearance of Edwards after his success?

"I would not call it guilt. I remember how overcoming the Brit Awards, we looked at on TV ten million people. We play them, I felt a great longing and hoping that Richey had been involved. It was not guilt, but rather a sincere longing for his presence, his intelligence and friendship to, because this was what we always wanted. "