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Manic Millennium Latest - NME, 2nd October 1999

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Title: Manic Millennium Latest
Publication: NME
Date: Saturday 2nd October 1999


Manic Street Preachers 1999 New Year's Eve extravaganza, dubbed the Manic Millennium, will be the band's first and last live appearance in the year 2000, NME exclusively reveal.

After the gig, at Cardiff's 54,000-capacity Millennium Stadium, the band are going back into the studio to record the follow-up to last year's two-million-selling album, 'This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours'.

A spokesperson for the band said that the concert, the band's most ambitious live event to date, was not only intended as a celebration of the start of the new millennium, but also the tenth anniversary of the Manics.

Although the full line-up ot support bands and DJs was still being finalised as NME went to press, it's expected to include other Welsh bands and friends of the Manics.

The night's entertainment kicks off at 6pm and continues until 2am. Bars will remain open throughout in the stadium, which will be covered by its retractable roof for the evening. The Manics have personally intervened to keep the ticket - and beer - prices as low as possible. Tickets are each and pints will be sold at normal pub prices.

Tickets go on sale on Wednesday, October 6, at 9am. To pay with credit cards, for which there is a £22.25 booking fee, the numbers are Cardiff Arena on 01222 224488 and Way Ahead on 01222 644996.

Personal callers only can purchase tickets at Cardiff City Centre Ticket Line and there will be no fee for cash or cheques. Tickets are also available from Swansea Derricks, Newport Centre, Bristol Our Price and London Stargreen. There will be no tickets available from the Cardiff Millennium Stadium.

Those not able to attend the gig will be able to see it via a planned global television link-up between all New Year's Eve celebrations across the world, It is also hoped there will be a giant open-air TV screen in Cardiff city centre where the gig will be broadcast live.

The Manics were due to reveal further details of the gig at a press conference in Cardiff on Tuesday, October 5.

Meanwhile, the Manics are facing a bill of £228,000 for damaging stage lights during their appearance at V99 in August. Nicky Wire claimed in a TV interview that the bill was for their stage-smashing set at T In The Park the month before, but a spokeswoman from the band's management company, Hall Or Nothing, said the bill had arisen from V99, not T In The Park. She added that the bill was being disputed and continued: "The amount of damage they did then was more like £280, not £28,000."

But V99 co-promoter Stewart Clumpas said that the bill was justified and was for the breakage of expensive ground-level stage lights.

He told NME: "It's not the first time equipment's been damaged by a band and it won't be the last time. It's just rock'n'roll. I'm sure it will all be resolved in the end."