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Featured Article

Non-Stop Neurotic Cabaret - NME, 30th May 1992

Manic Street Preachers in LA - speed, sex, scuzz-not! It's total alienation, celibacy, introspection and 'Motorcycle Emptiness' for the four "poxy British white kids in the heart of this grim nation of corporatism", actually. But guys, Stuart Bailie still loves ya! Taking the Mickey Mouse: Pennie Smith

Upstairs at The Rainbow, Sunset Strip, there’s a nervy-looking guy wearing a fur coat, tennis shoes with purple laces and a pair of punky Sid shades. Maybe he’s faking it, but his unhappy moanings make it sound like he’s having the worst time of his life.

“I cannot believe it,” bleats Nicky Wire. “I just went into the toilets and there it was, this ‘Generation Terrorists’ mat in the urinal, especially put there for tonight. That’s really taking the piss, isn’t it?”

A few of us trade sympathetic glances, but everybody else in The Rainbow is unfazed by this corruption of the group’s baby manifesto. California’s best liggers are too busy unloading pizzas and buckshee liquor to care that much; it’s only when they dab their mouths with a Manic Street Preachers napkin (a replica of Richey’s tattoo), or pocket an MSP bumper sticker (with Prague crucifix image) that there’s any real sign of the motive behind this record company jolly at all.

During the evening, the Manics are asked to group together for a photo opportunity or to sign a poster (complete with huge NME quote) for one of the fur-toting wannabe babes. A radio plugger steps over to tell them that ‘Motorcycle Emptiness’ is the most added-to track on the Metal stations, and that it’s doing fantastically well on AOR radio too. “The ultimate accolade,” mouths Nicky, glazed and confused. (more...)

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17/05/1992 - MTV - MTV Live


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