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Live Webchat: Manic Street Preachers - Top Of The Pops, 9th February 2001

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The Manic Street Preachers are back with a new album called 'Know Your Enemy', two new singles and their first ever webchat.

Katy Owen: Hiya, I love your music and I'm a big fan. I would like to know what your new album 'Know Your Enemy's Music Style" is going to be like? Are we expecting a rock and roll album or more of a pop album? James: I'd say most of the tracks are like 'Found That Soul', but they're quite varied. Basically, some of the tracks are kind of like soul. Then after that there's other stuff which is like disco.

Dave Hammond: Have you visited any of the many websites dedicated to you and which ones have you seen? Nicky: No James: I've visited one or two, but I'm such a luddite that I haven't had much experience in it. Nicky: We read the fanzines to be honest. They're more our era and we think more effort goes into them!

Liam Hogan: Lads. You've read about the much publicised argument between Jean -Paul Sartre and Albert Camus. Whose side would you have taken at the time? Nicky: I'm always on Camus' side! He was more handsome, and also a goalkeeper, so I think he's a much more worthy person than Sartre. James: I believe the things Camus said because his personal life was such a mess.

CJ: When did you start to learn guitar James? Nicky: When I taught him! James: When I was 15. It's true, Nick did teach me my first chord! After that, I left him standing.

Laura Prior: Nicky, I own a Dyson DC04 model and it's great, the only problem is that it's quite heavy it's difficult for stair vacuuming. Do you recommend the Dyson Stair Vacuum? Nicky: No, actually. I've got a huge stairway and you can reach the top with the elasticated end of the DC04 anyway.

Gareth Flynn: How do you feel about some of the "Know Your Enemy" tracks being leaked from Sony's website? Nicky: I guess it's just Sony's incompetence! We don't care at all, to be honest. It just shows that these multinational companies are very fallible. James: When we were young, we wanted to see the artwork, read the lyrics. We think that should be part of the whole experience.

Mowtown Junkie: Nicky, where was the leopardskin on TOTP? Have you given it up? Nicky: It's just worn out. I got bored wearing it.

CJ: Which new sports do you like Nicky? Nicky: I can't think of any new ones. I've been a WWF addict for the last two years. Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Jordan Allen: What's the deal with the Cuban things? James: Everybody assumes we're going to Cuba as a grand gesture, but one of us just said it would be great to do our first gig in Cuba. It's our sixth album, and we think we should be able to do what we want. People say it's so obvious, but why didn't we do it before? Why are people so surprised?

Colin Houlson: What do think of the media's obsession with Eminem? James: I think to a certain degree, he's like Shaun Ryder was ten years ago. Lyrically, they are similar. Both very adept to actually not letting themselves be censored by what they think is wrong or right. I'm not surprised so many people take him seriously.

Sam Kenyon: Will you be playing any of the older songs pre Holy Bible on tour this year? James: Yeah, we will, just like we've always done. But we'll be playing a lot of new songs too. Nicky: We've always played lots of old songs. But there'll probably more emphasis on new songs on this tour.