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Know Your Enemy -, 20th February 2001

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Title: Know Your Enemy
Date: Tuesday 20th February 2001
Writer: Skarphéðinn Guðmundsson

It attracted a lot of attention when the Welsh band Manic Street Preachers became the first western rock band to play Cuban Castro. The occasion was the result of the band's latest album, which was also the main subject when Skarphéðinn Guðmundsson hit the show for Sean Moore drummer.

For a decade, Manic Street Preachers has used every possible trick to shake up its community, if not with the music itself, slamming statements and other controversial pretexts. It was, therefore, surprising when the band began to hold their publishing concert in Cuba. And those who know them also know the reason - to annoy Cana. The boys, in fact, have some reason to do with the great hostility of the American community, especially the US authorities.

Shortly before Manic Street Preachers held the territory of the lawyer and revolutionary age, I had the opportunity to chat briefly with Sean Moore's drummer, who is one-third of Manic Street Preachers, who has also included James Dean Bradfield singers, guitarists, and head coaches, and Nicky Wire. bass player and text editor ever since guitarist and then copywriter Richey James disappeared without a trace in February 1995.

I doubt Moore might appreciate the song that sounded on the other end of the line while waiting for a relationship with him; R & B; "Love Don'T Cost A Thing" Click Jennifer Lopez, actually, I suspect that it is a very good example of what goes on so much in the finest of Wise Boys, American glamor, which, in their opinion, is extreme and superficial.

It started out fine. Rather, a weak and low voice cast a greeting. The owner obviously quiet and considerate fellow - such a real drummer (yes exactly). I told the name and home, and Moore replied, "Brrrr, you must be cold." Good. - "No, you know. It's just been quite warm lately." Clicks not to start conversations on the weather. But continue with the butter.

You were putting the finishing touch on Know Your Enemy, satisfied?
"We are always happy when we have just finished an album, but then the attitude may have changed as we go further. But I guess I bet we've completely topped ourselves right now - at least in music. We unleashed the emotions - did exactly what we would like to do without wondering what people expect or demand. This album we want to listen to - music found in our own record collections. So we just have to hope that some people share their taste with us."

The album is different from the last two, Everything Must Go and This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours - is it deliberate?
"Yes, without hesitation. Mainly because the last album is very similar to its predecessor. We wanted to show that we hadn't got into some popcorn, that even though we were settled rocks, we would still be full minded and we might well rock it if we wanted to."

Are you saying that you have not been doing what you wanted in the last album, but have been doing something to others?
"Yes, I just think so," Sean says and sounds a little shameful. "Because of its unexpected popularity, Everything Must Go's predecessor, we may have become more and more popular yet, and I think some of the songs have a distinctive sign. But not this time - now the advice of the trip."

Were you trying to find the old roots again?
"No, not just to announce to the people that the roots are not forgotten - that we are not old and gray and can still be raw and full of fights if that is the case with us." Moore then adds: "But on the other hand, we do not experience any gray feathers, trying to become 17 years old - it is absurd."

The album is very diverse and combines the divergent trends and old legends punk and disco. What's the matter?
"It was one of our goals not to commit to one particular policy, but to do nothing but to do what we thought. Rock band should be able to express themselves in more ways than one. The text of "Miss Europa Disco Dancer" does not mean that it is being moved in the raw style of "Masses Against The Classes" and so we are not forcing it under that hat. there is no devoted to making an album by album that sounds all in one way, unlike other bands like Oasis, they have released three albums in a row where everything is the same, the same song over and over. willing to do everything to avoid the muddy death."

You donated two singles simultaneously "Found My Soul" and "So Why So Sad" - why?
"To demonstrate the variety of the album."