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Know Your Enemy, Morgunblaðið, 20th March 2001

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Title: Know Your Enemy
Publication: Morgunblaðið
Date: Tuesday 20th March 2001
Writer: Skarphéðinn Guðmundsson

It drew attention to the days when the worshiping band Manic Street Preachers became the first western rock band to play Cuban Kastrós. The occasion was the latest album of the band, which was also the main subject when Skarphéðinn Guðmundsson hit the thread for Sean Moore drummer.

For a good decade, Manic Street Preachers has applied all possible gaps to shake up in their community, if not self-music, the proclamation and other controversial opposites. It was therefore surprising when the band began to hold its release concert in Cuba. And those who know about them also know the reason - to annoy Kana. The boys, for example, have a part because of the opposition to American society, especially the US authorities. Shortly before the Manic Street Preachers held on the territory of the lawyer and revolutionist, I was able to chat briefly with the drummer of the band Sean Moore, who is one-third of Manic Street Preachers, composed of James Dean Bradfield's singers, guitarist and masterpiece and Nicky Wire bassist and bassist ever since the guitarist and former writer Richey James disappeared sporadically in February 1995. I doubt Moore could appreciate the song that sounded at the other end of the line while I waited for him; R&B; click "Love Do not Cost A Thing" by Jennifer Lopez.

Indeed, I suspect it's a great example of what's so badly in the finest of the witty guys, American glamour, which in their opinion is characterized by extreme and superficiality. This started fine. A rather weak and low voice then threw a greeting. The owner obviously quiet and considerate fellow - such an authentic drummer (yes exactly). I told my name and home, and Moore answered, "Hey, you must be cold." Good. Do not click to start a conversation on a weather helmet. But with the butter.

Did you make a final end to Know Your Enemy, satisfied?
"We are always happy when we have finished the album, but then the attitude may have changed as time progresses. But I think that we have totally topped us now - at least musically. We let our feelings clear - exactly what we want to do without wondering what people expect or need. This album we want to listen to - music that can be found in our own albums. So we just have to hope that someone will share those tastes with us. "

The album is different from the last two, Everything Must Go and This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours - Is it intentional?
"Yes, haphazardly. Mostly because the last album is very similar to her predecessor. We wanted to show that we were not in a poppy mole, that although we had become rockers, we would still be well-minded and we would be able to rock well if we wanted to. "

Are you saying that you have not been doing what you wanted on the last album but did you primarily have to make others feel good?
"Yes, I just think," says Sean, and sounds the least. "Because of her unexpected popularity, Everything Must Go, we may have become more successful in further popularity, and I think some of the songs bear certain marks. But not this time - now we go for the ride. "

Did you like to try to find the old dishes again?
"No, not the lesson to tell the people that the creeps are not forgotten-that we have not grown old and gray and can still be raw and full of fury if we're angry." Moore then adds: "However, We do not experience any gray feather at all, trying to be 17 years old - it's absurd. "

The album is very diverse, and there are similarities between the old poems and the old recognitions of punishment and disco. What is the matter?
"It was one of the goals that did not bind us to one particular policy but just wade - do what we think of each time. Rokksveit should be able to express itself in more ways than one. The text in 'Miss Europa Disco Dancer' does not expect it to be imported into the massive style "Masses Against The Classes", and we are so tired of it. We are ripe and accustomed to realizing that it's not a good idea to make an album after a song that sounds all in one way, unlike other shows like Oasis, they have released three albums in a row, all the same, the same song again and again. willing to do anything to avoid that dumpster. "

You gave two singles together with "Found My Soul" and "So Why So Sad" - why?
"In order to demonstrate the diversity of the album. It would have given a wrong picture just giving out another act. "

Wire text is always as political - how much is it for your social affairs?
"It's becoming more important and important over time, as musicians who say something are increasingly decreasing. Nowadays, everyone who has something else seems to have something between the ears to be completely occupied by oneself and their own soul, but care about the environment. Others do not seem to be able to do anything but to be in a bad mood and the desire to shut up at the neighboring party."

Why are you going to play in Cuba (interview for a concert)?
"Just to annoy America. It seems to everyone that it's great to be American and live in the country of opportunity. We think what this state stands for and its culture is pure and straightforward. We just do not endure how this superpower is unreasonable by imposing smaller and vulnerable nations such as Cuban in bullying. Thus, American musicians are struggling to oppose the same superpower of other superpowers, cf. struggle Beastie Boys against Chinese oppression in Tibet. "

After you slaughtered, followed by many forces from Wales, like Catatonia, Stereophonics and Super Furry Animals. How much do you participate in their success?
"The only one who has driven the road and backed up the prejudice of the English music press for a good music."

Now that you are up for a tour - has it been important to play in Iceland?
"The boys have at least made a request to it with our agents. Nicky was there for a week as a tourist and fell completely for country and nation. James then scratched right after Christmas and became equally impressed. So I'm gone to death and will do everything in my power. "

You're welcome.
"Thanks. It's not an amusing thought to stand up in the middle of the glacier, as Echo And The Bunnymen did on the porchupine album last days. We'll see it in the hills."