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James Dean Bradfield Questionnaire - Black Velvet, February 1999

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Title: James Dean Bradfield Questionnaire
Publication: Black Velvet
Date: February 1999
Writer: Shari Black Velvet
Photos: Shari Black Velvet


Continuing our theme, 'Everyone gives the Manics questionnaires, therefore so shall we', we gave James Dean Bradfield, Manics maestro, a questionnaire during the September tour. Unfortunately, although James told us two days later that he had filled it in and returned it to Black Velvet, it never arrived. "Send another if you don't get it" were James's words. So... we promptly mailed a second one to him via the Manics PR company. This time, it plopped through our letterbox just in time for Christmas.

How did you celebrate your first number 1 single?
Watched everybody get drunk (for a change) & did a gig in Belfast & saw Mr. Cairns.

Name 5 things you won't tolerate.
Betrayal - Racism - Bullying - Short attention spans - Liars.

When I told you I was only going to the Port Talbot, Stoke & Hereford gigs of this tour, you said 'Oh, you're getting bored of us'. Not true. So would you prefer fans to come to lots of your gigs? Don't you get bored of seeing the same faces in the audience?
I was only kidding. Come as you are.

How did you feel doing the signing session at Cardiff Virgin Megastore at midnight on Sept. 14th after playing the Radio 1 Live gig?

How do you feel when fans want to take your photo all the time? Do you mind fans clicking away in the front row?
No, I was worse when I was young.

What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?
Make a cup of tea - toast with sardine & tomato paste on it.

Where did you find your keyboard tech? Everyone thinks he resembles Richey...
He was a friend of the Deptfords & worked with The Verve with them.

What are you most looking forward to?

What do you think of the Manics book 'In Their Own Words' by Michael Heatley? Being always interested in quotes and slogans, how does it feel now that all of your own quotes have been put down in print for a book?
Not very good.

Nicky wrote in 'If You Tolerate This...' that he's ashamed of being so young and being so vain. What are you most ashamed of?
Inbuilt generational moral cowardice.

Do you have any ambitions?

What makes you laugh?
Nick, Sean, my dog, Martin, Frazier.

What excites you?

When was the last time you were embarrassed?
4 Minutes ago.

Do you have any bad habits?
Over indulgence, whisky, cigs, bar, philosophy.

Do you ever surf the Internet? What do you think of the net and computer technology?
I am computer illiterate.