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James Dean Bradfield & Sean Moore Questionnaire - Delirium On Helium Fanzine, December 2002

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Title: James Dean Bradfield & Sean Moore Questionnaire
Publication: Delirium On Helium
Date: December 2002
Writer: Lindsey Taylor-Fullman

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James Dean Bradfield

What has been the best night of the tour so far and why?
Glasgow: Crowd did a marathon

Is it true you are trying to quit the fags? If so how is it going?
Gonna try in the new year

How are you enjoying being am Uncle to baby Matilda?
I'm good at buying presents (I think)

You're looking very well these days - been on a health kick with a personal trainer, or just cut out the booze?
Just back to my old exercise regime + don't drink much

Have you ever eaten at The Ivy?

What's the best movie you have seen this year and why?
The Sons Room - made me cry

Do you sometimes cringe at Nicky's stage outfits?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how pleased are you with the re-recorded Motorcycle Emptiness?

What word best sums up James Dean Bradfield's state of mind right now?
Happily ansgtsful

Sean Moore

What influenced the decision to release Forever Delayed on DVD and not on VHS video?
More information, would have been a double VHS which is a bit ugly

What has been the best night of the tour so far?

Has fatherhood changed your attitude to touring?
Yes, touring is easy

The grapevine says you drive a Porsche - is this true and did you pass your driving test first time?
2nd time
I've had 3, Now I drive BMW M3SMG

How do you find it playing live with Greg Haver on percussion? Does it make a difference?
I don't have him in my monitors but it's good for morale

How does it make you feel knowing Manics fans will queue for anything up to 12 hour for a gig?
Sympathy but they must be mad, too cold

Do you wash your car by hand of go to a service station?
Depends on how much time I've got

What's your album of the year so far?
Moby 18

What song has been left off Forever Delayed that you would have included if you had your own way?

What words best sum up Sean Moore's state of mind right now?
Tired but optimistic