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James And Kylie And Nicky And Liam (A Manic Christmas) - Melody Maker, 4th January 1997

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Title: James And Kylie And Nicky And Liam (A Manic Christmas)
Publication: Melody Maker
Date: Saturday 4th January 1997


Manic Street Preachers were joined by a remarkable array of celebrities - onstage and off - during their three Christmas shows in London.

Kylie Minogue made a scheduled appearance with the band, while Liam Gallagher outraged hardline Manics fans with a spontaneous stage invasion the next night.

The Manics welcomed Kylie onstage at the Shepherd's Bush Empire on December 15 to duet with James on Little Baby Nothing. Kylie had originally been invited to perform on the track when it was recorded for Generation Terrorist" but had declined, leading the band to offer the part to Traci Lords.

The Christmas collaboration with Kylie came about after a period of renewed contact between the two parties, who are writing together.

A Manics spokeswoman said: "James (Dean Bradfield) and Kylie have had a meeting about it. She's sent him a tape of lyrics or something, and he's sent her something back. I think he's working on a backing track."

"Out of all the conversations between us and deConstruction, the idea came up for Kylie to come and do Little Baby Nothing"

The Manics and Kylie rehearsed together at the band's Brixton Academy soundcheck, the day before her appearance at the Empire.

According to The Maker's Simon Price, "She was looking really, really skeletal, with spiky hair like Björk."

There is now speculation that the Manics may re-record Little Baby Nothing with Kylie for a best-of album.

Among audience members witnessing the Kylie duet at Shepherd's Bush were Spice Girl Mel B, The Boo Radleys' Martin Carr and former ABC hero Martin Fry who said to our man on the spot: "You're Simon Price, aren't you?" According to Pricey," It was the greatest moment of my life."

A less great moment for Simon came the next night at the Kentish Town Forum when Liam Gallagher crashed on to the stage during You Love Us, the Manics' last song.

"It's quite a big, emotional moment in the show, said Pricey. "They show a film of the Manics in the old days with Richey in the band, and everybody's watching and thinking about Richey, and bloody Liam walks on half way through."

"He threw his arms out to the crowd as if he was Jesus and then grabbed Nicky (Wire) and started wrestling him, and the sad thing is, he I don't know how. I don't know what Nicky could have done."

"Any bouncers would have thrown Liam into the crowd and let them tear him limb from limb. He's a tosser, and I wasn't the only one who thought that. I met so many people afterwards who were so angry about it."

"Half the crowd were cheering and the other half were sticking their fingers up. Apparently, Liam had been on the balcony all night, standing upon the table getting everyone to look at him all through the show. Obviously, he had some access-all-areas pass"

The Manics' spokeswoman said: "Liam and Noel were at the gig. Liam watched from the side of the stage and the euphoria of it all got the better of him and he charged on."

"He ran on and hugged Nicky Wire and kissed him and they both fell over."

"Nicky wasn't expecting it, but they really get on well, Nick and Liam."

Dennis Pennis and Kenickie were among those viewing the spectacle.