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It's The Inn Crowd! - Wales On Sunday, 15th March 2009

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Title: It's The Inn Crowd!
Publication: Wales On Sunday
Date: Sunday 15th March 2009
Writer: Tim Lewis

Some of Wales' most famous musicians, actors, writers and politicians have joined a campaign to save an ageing pub from extinction.

Celebrities are protesting against the proposed closure of the 155-year-old Vulcan pub which is nestled in a car park in the middle of Cardiff.

It's due to be knocked down to make way for a new development of flats, restaurants and shops.

Hollywood star Rhys Ifans and Manic Street Preachers front man James Dean Bradfield are two of more than 5,000 people to signapetition opposing its closure.

Ifans recently filmed scenes for his new film MrNiceat the Vulcan, based on the exploits of notorious Welsh drug dealer Howard Marks.

The petition also includes the names of former Labour leader Lord Neil Kinnock and BBC Sports presenter John Inverdale - who drank in the Vulcan when a student in the capital.

Campaign leader Graham Craig is now making a last-ditch attempt to ensure its future by getting it listed as a protected building.

Stars have written pleading letters to go with the application for protection made to CADW whose job it is to protect the heritage in Wales.

In his letter, Manics singer Bradfield wrote about pubs such as the Crown in Belfast that had survived despite living beside the most bombed hotel in Europe and The Eastern pub in Sydney, Australia, which supporters got protected when a huge shopping mall was being built.

Bradfield said: "Wein Wales need to value working pieces of history just as much as any other of these examples.

"I personally have drunk in The Vulcan for years, and it feels like apart of Cardiff that I can't find any where else any more.

"It's worth fighting for as the best pub in Cardiff and as a living, breathing museum piece, future generations should be able to enjoy it just as much as I have."

Lord Kinnock is a keen supporter of the campaign and wrote: "Apart from being a great pub, it's one of the few buildings in the area worth looking at and a last bit of the soul of the centre of Cardiff."

Several of Wales' leading poets and writers have also written letters to CADW in the hope of stopping a compulsory purchase order.

The fight to save the Vulcan is one of a number of battles going on in Cardiff to save historic buildings.

Petitions are also being put together to try and save The Point music venue and the Coal Exchange in Cardiff Bay.