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The Blue Generation Impact May 1988
On The Edge Impact June 1988



Manic Street Preachers Back To Nowhere Fanzine April 1990
The Ugly Face Of The New Art Riot Melody Maker 7th April 1990
Scum On Feel The Noise NME 4th August 1990
Sidelines: Manic Street Preachers Melody Maker 4th August 1990
Profile: Manic Street Preachers Sounds 25th August 1990



1991-1.jpg 1991.jpg 1991-7.jpg 1991-16.jpg
Teenage Rampage - Sounds, 26th January 1991 Indecent Exposure - NME, 11th May 1991 Rock 'N' Roll Suicide - Melody Maker, 20th July 1991 Boys From The Blackwood - Spiral Scratch, July 1991

Manic On The Streets Of London NME 5th January 1991
Preach Babies Record Mirror 19th January 1991
Death Or Glory Melody Maker 2nd February 1991
Material World: Manic Street Preachers NME 9th March 1991
Rebels Without A Clue Select April 1991
The Stones, The Clash, The Who, Public Enemy - They're All Tossers Hot Press 29th April 1991
17 Stitches For Manic Richie NME 25th May 1991
Manic Street Preachers Take No Prisoners! Melody Maker 1st June 1991
Blackwood Calling Vox June 1991
Cambridge Fuck Festival NME 29th June 1991
Glam's Not Dead! Rock Power July 1991
4 Real Siren July 1991
Fear Of A Brain Dead Planet Deadline July 1991
Musical Luddites Gay Times August 1991
Urgh! Imagine Finding This Lot In Your Bath!! Smash Hits 7th August 1991
Going Mild In The Country Rage 15th August 1991
Material World: Richey Edwards NME 24th August 1991
"We Are Drowning In Manufactured Ego Fuck" Last Exit Fanzine September 1991
Anger BEST September 1991
Manic Street Preachers E.P. Magazine September 1991
Rebels Alive And Still Kicking The Sunday Times 8th September 1991
Blackwood Calling? Select October 1991
Art Is Just Short For Arthur Lime Lizard October 1991
The Politics Of Glamour Rock Power October 1991
Stay Beautiful Rockin'on October 1991
The Newport Dolls NME 2nd November 1991
Righteous Hate 4 Real Observer Sunday 10th November 1991
Between The Preachers And The Damned Making Music December 1991
Parental Guidance Advised Melody Maker 21st December 1991



1991-12.jpg 1992-24.jpg 1992 (9).jpg 1992 (2).jpg
It Takes An Advance Of Millions To Hold Us, Bach - NME, 15th February 1992 Non-Stop Neurotic Cabaret - NME, 30th May 1992 Farewell Manics - Rockin'on, July 1992 Suicide Is Painless - NME, 3rd October 1992

Practice What You Preach Riff Raff January 1992
Preaching With The Enemy NME 11th January 1992
You've Seen The Name, Heard The Buzz, But Who The Hell Are Manic Street Preachers Raw 22nd January 1992
Drags To Riches Melody Maker 25th January 1992
Singles: Reviewed By James & Richey (Manic Street Preachers) NME 25th January 1992
Seven Days In The Life Of Richie Edwards Select February 1992
Talkin' 'Bout My G-G-G-Generation...(A Handbook For Terrorists), Come In Manic Street Preachers Spiral Scratch 6th February 1992
Preachers Full Of Contradictions The Guardian 11th February 1992
All Hype, No Threat From Soft Metal 'Terrorists' The Irish Times 16th February 1992
Post-Punk Clerics And Spam Again The Independent 23rd February 1992
A Long Way From Mega The Times 24th February 1992
Manic Attack Sky March 1992
The Generation Game Metal Forces March 1992
Kamikaze Career Zounds Das Musikmagazin March 1992
Hot For Preachers Kerrang 21st March 1992
Lovely Wreckage From UK Guttertrash Nihilists Alternative Press Magazine April 1992
Manic Street Preachers Spin Magazine April 1992
Your Mother Wouldn’t Like ‘Em! A Fanzine Called White Lemonade April 1992
Look Back In Bangor Siren April 1992
...They Know What They're Doing Tempo April 1992
Manics 1, Society 0 Smash Hits 1st April 1992
Welsh Preachers Deliver Glam/Punk Sermon The Toronto Star 23rd April 1992
Big Generators... Riff Raff May 1992
Generation Terrorists Sega Power May 1992
"Pathetic..." Q Magazine May 1992
Preachers Born In Boredom The Los Angeles Times 3rd May 1992
Manic Pop Thrill Rock World June 1992
Attention All Pathetic, Unloved Sluts! Check This Out! June 1992
Street Talking Noise Of The Nineties June 1992
Fashionable: Not Us. Ever Smash Hits 10th June 1992
Rebellious Jukebox: Richey Edwards Melody Maker 13th June 1992
Running On Emptiness? Food, Lust And Guitars Fanzine July 1992
Everybody’s Trying To Please Us Burrn! July 1992
Rockfile: Richey Edwards Rock Power 16th July 1992
Ten Minutes In The Mind Of Richey James The Face August 1992
Manic Street Preachers Record Collector August 1992
After Manics Rockin'on August 1992
SingAlongAManics! Melody Maker 29th August 1992
Pop Stars And Their Games Amiga Power September 1992
Street Survivors Noise Of The Nineties September 1992
Singles Raw 5th September 1992
Rock 'N' Roll Dilemmas Kerrang 26th September 1992
Manics Floor 'Em At Reading Melody Maker 12th September 1992
The Fame Game Rock Power October 1992
"Really, We're A Rock Band With Something To Say" Paint It Red October 1992
Teenage Depression Rockerilla October 1992
New Singles: Reviewed By Richey Edwards Smash Hits 14th October 1992
Youth Rebellion Is Dead Kerrang 7th November 1992
Pop Will Shoot Itself The Guardian 13th November 1992
Q&A: Richey Edwards Catharsis Fanzine Winter 1992
Scruples!!! Hit CD December 1992
Preaching Revolution For Real The Times 5th December 1992
Dai Hard Melody Maker 19th December 1992
Manics In R.E.M. AIDS Row Melody Maker 19th December 1992



1993 (4).jpg 1993 (3).jpg 10 07 93 feature cover.jpg 1993 (2).jpg
Manic Depression - Melody Maker, 29th May 1993 The Life After Suicide - Music Life, June 1993 The Electric Riot Orchestra - NME, 10th July 1993 The Rhyl Thing! - Indiecator, July 1993
1993-7.jpg LL1993.jpg Metalhammer93.jpg 1993.jpg
The Boyos Are Back In Town - TOP, July/August 1993 A Working Class Hero Is Nothing To Be - Lime Lizard, August 1993 Time For A Change? - Metal Hammer, August 1993 Depression = Drink = Mutilation! - Kerrang, 4th December 1993

Manic Attack Indiecator January 1993
Degenerating Terrorists? NME 2nd January 1993
Manic Depression Melody Maker 2nd January 1993
Manics Come Of Age Melody Maker 27th March 1993
A-Z Metal CD April 1993
Sonic Celebrities Stay Sonic 1st April 1993
Are Videogames Killing Rock 'N' Roll? Melody Maker 24th April 1993
The Doomed Beauty Select May 1993
Despair As Manics Head Out! Kerrang 15th May 1993
4 Real? RCD Magazine June 1993
The 5th Manic Smash Hits 9th June 1993
From Sneer To Maturity NME 19th June 1993
Manics Go Goldmining Melody Maker 19th June 1993
Manic Frustration? Kerrang 26th June 1993
Glam Rock Sky July 1993
Obscure Objects Of Desire Cutting Edge July 1993
Going 4 Gold! Metal Hammer July 1993
From Despair To...Despair Deadline July 1993
Glam Racket Select July 1993
Soul Mining Metal CD July 1993
Preaching To The Converted Rock World July 1993
Preachers Rockin'on July 1993
Manic Street Preachers Music Life July 1993
Singlez: Reviewed By Richey Edwards Kerrang 3rd July 1993
You Love Us! Raw 7th July 1993
The Secret Diary Of The Manic Street Preachers Melody Maker 17th July 1993
Bands Of A Feather Melody Maker 17th July 1993
Oh Lord, Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood... Hot Press 28th July 1993
Dead End Street? Vox August 1993
Na! Dim Y Tin Biscedi! Smash Hits 4th August 1993
Rogues Gallery: James Dean Bradfield Raw 18th August 1993
And On The Seventh Day God Created...The Manics Catharsis Fanzine Autumn 1993
Academic Sheep Teachers NME Student Guide September 1993
Manic Milton Keynes! Raw 15th September 1993
Seeking Converts Billboard 18th September 1993
Interview: Richey Edwards Insane Fanzine October 1993
Faces: Manic Street Preachers Musician October 1993
Rock 'N' Roll Dilemmas Kerrang 13th November 1993
In The Dock: Richey Edwards Raw 8th December 1993
Richey Edwards Of Manic Street Preachers Chooses His Men Of The Year Melody Maker 25th December 1993
Juke Box Fury NME 25th December 1993



1994 01 29 MelodyMakercover.jpg 1994 (2).jpg 1994-9.jpg
All That Glitters - Melody Maker, 29th January 1994 Siamese Animal Men - NME, 28th May 1994 Sexy? - Select, September 1994
BrumBeat94.jpg Atomic1094.jpg 1994 (3).jpg
Walking Up To The Abyss - Brum Beat, September 1994 Accident Waiting To Happen - Atomic Magazine, September 1994 Manic's Depressive - NME, 1st October 1994
1994.jpg 1994-12.jpg SZSDec94 (1).jpg
Archives Of Pain - Melody Maker, 3rd December 1994 Cutting Edge - Time Out, 7th December 1994 Preaching To The Converted - Sun Zoom Spark, December 1994

Preaching To The Converted The Sunday Times 23rd January 1994
The Art Of Self Abuse i-D February 1994
Interview: Richey Edwards Scathe Fanzine 2nd February 1994
Nicky Wire: Heroes & Villains NME 5th February 1994
Talkin' 'bout Revolutions Kerrang 26th February 1994
Road Hogs!! Raw 2nd March 1994
Manics Bring Cheer To Streets Full Of Despair The Nation 24th April 1994
Manic Preaching In Bangkok Bangkok Post 27th April 1994
Blood, Sweat & Tears The Face June 1994
Rant For Cover Raw 8th June 1994
Field Trip Raw 6th July 1994
Manic Street Preachers OKEJ August 1994
Holy Shit - It's The Manics! Kerrang 6th August 1994
Sex, Scars And Revolution... Raw 17th August 1994
Manic Depression Melody Maker 20th August 1994
Richey Manic: The Truth! Kerrang 20th August 1994
Don't Give Up The Deity Job NME 27th August 1994
Manics' New Testament Melody Maker 27th August 1994
The New Testament Metal Hammer September 1994
True Confessions: Nicky Wire NME Student Guide September 1994
In The Name Of Father, And Son, And Holy Spirit…So What? Music Life September 1994
Hey Preachers, Leave Them Kids Alone! Hot Press 7th September 1994
Something Just Flipped In His Head Raw 14th September 1994
Hand Jobs & Holy Bibles! Kerrang 17th September 1994
"I Think We've All Tried To Deny It At Some Point, But Being Unhappy And Dissatisfied Is Part Of Our Make-Up" Volume Autumn 1994
Smile, It Might Never Happen Q Magazine October 1994
Rapid Mood Swings Sky October 1994
Don't Manic, Don't Manic Loaded October 1994
"If We Hadn't Got Richey Help He Might Have Tried To Kill Himself" Select October 1994
More Than Hype? Fachblatt Muiskmagazin October 1994
Gorgeous In Spite Of Himself The Times 7th October 1994
Culture, Alienation, Bordeaux and Despair NME 8th October 1994
Manic Street Quaysiders Newcastle Courier 13th October 1994
A Popband Like A Military Operation Het Parool 24th November 1994
Manic Street Preachers Rumore December 1994
The Dark Half Metal Shock December 1994
Ooh, Aaah, Street Preach-Ah! Melody Maker 10th December 1994
Manic Depression! Kerrang 17th December 1994
You Love Bus! NME 24th December 1994



1995 (2).jpg 1995.jpg
From Despair To Where? - Melody Maker, 8th April 1995 Vanished - Select, May 1995

James Dean Bradfield Of The Manic Street Preachers On A Year Of Hospital Horror Select January 1995
Rebellious Jukebox: James Dean Bradfield Melody Maker 7th January 1995
Interview: James Dean Bradfield Creative Loafing 4th February 1995
Preacher's Prophesies Become All Too Real The Independent 18th February 1995
Sweet Exile The Guardian 22nd February 1995
From Despair To Where? Melody Maker 25th February 1995
Manics Star Goes Missing Kerrang 25th February 1995
Manic Street Music Life March 1995
A Word To The Wise: Stay Away The Times 3rd March 1995
Richey James! Manics Star's Abandoned Car Found! The Search Goes On... Kerrang 4th March 1995
Motorcar Emptiness: Manics Mystery Still Unsolved NME 4th March 1995
Richey Paid No Attention Golwg 23rd March 1995
Interview: Manic Street Preachers Consumable 27th March 1995
Not Fade Away Raw 12th April 1995
Wanted: Dead Or Alive Spin June 1995
The Point Of No Return? The Sunday Times 6th August 1995
Manics To Continue Preaching NME 26th August 1995
Manics' New Testament Melody Maker 26th August 1995
Manics To Continue Preaching NME 26th August 1995
Everybody Hurts Melody Maker 23rd December 1995
Traumatic For The People NME 23rd December 1995



1996 (2).jpg TheTimes96 (1).jpg 1996-5.jpg
The Return Of The Manics - Melody Maker, 13th January 1996 The Lost Soul - The Times Magazine, 27th January 1996 Everything Must Go...On - NME, 11th May 1996
1996-6.jpg 1996-88.jpg June1996-83.jpg
Escape From Our History - Melody Maker, 1st June 1996 The Manics Reborn - Crossbeat, June 1996 Close-Up And Personal - Dazed & Confused, June 1996
1996select.jpg 1996 (3).jpg 1996-10.jpg
We Shall Overcome - Select, July 1996 Courage Against The Machine - Vox, July 1996 Cool LA Shakers! - NME, 12th October 1996

Cut And Run The Independent 20th January 1996
Nicky Wire Writes New Manics Single NME 24th February 1996
Then There Were Three... Smash Hits 24th April 1996
From Despair To Here i-D May 1996
Life Becoming A Landslide Kerrang 4th May 1996
Everything Must Go On The Guardian 24th May 1996
I'm Glad I'm Not In An Institution Aftonbladet 24th May 1996
Q & A The Face June 1996
Is Richey The Wild Rebel Of Rock Alive Or Dead? Sunday Mirror 2nd June 1996
The Last Word: Nicky Wire Kerrang 29th June 1996
Manics' Tragic Design On The Charts TV Week July 1996
Missing Arena July/August 1996
Preaching To The Faithful The Advertiser 25th July 1996
The Last Word: James Dean Bradfield Kerrang 27th July 1996
The Kerrang Challenge: Nicky Wire Kerrang 3rd August 1996
Grave Architecture Raygun September 1996
Material World Vox October 1996
Manic Street Preachers And The Antichrist Cake October 1996
Manics In Hollywood Kerrang 16th November 1996
Fun Boy Three Q Magazine November 1996
Regenerated Terrorists Addicted To Noise November 1996
More!! Mojo December 1996
The Hits File: Nicky Wire Smash Hits 4th December 1996
Back To Life Melody Maker 21st December 1996
Wire State Of Consciousness NME 21st December 1996



1997 (2).jpg 1997 (3).jpg 1997 (5).jpg
Street Life - Melody Maker, 4th January 1997 Everything Must Go To Them! - NME, 8th February 1997 We Love Them - Melody Maker, 12th April 1997
1997.jpg 1997 (6).jpg 1997 (4).jpg
A Desire For Life - Total Guitar, June 1997 Some Din For The Weekend - NME, 30th August 1997 Reading! Steady! "Go"! - Melody Maker - 30th August 1997

3 Steps To Heaven Select January 1997
Singles Bar Vox January 1997
Everything You Want Tylko Rock January 1997
Cheers! Sky March 1997
Missing Street Preacher The Independent 2nd March 1997
Manic Stations! Hot Press 16th April 1997
A Design For Strife NME 19th April 1997
Everything Must Goa? Vox May 1997
Manic Street Preachers Record Collector May 1997
Nicky Wire: Prime Minister NME 3rd May 1997
Nicky Wire Questionnaire Black Velvet November 1997
Who's 4 Real? Melody Maker 20th December 1997



Mmjan98.jpg 1998 (8).JPG 1998 (5).jpg 1998 (4).jpg
Vanishing Point - Melody Maker, 31st January 1998 'Despair, Inspiration, Happiness, Despair, Work, Inspiration, Sport. That's The Crux Of It' - NME, 1st August 1998 Truth Decay - The Manic Street Preachers: From Despair To Here - Hot Press, 5th August 1998 Did Someone Order Gloom Service? - The Face, September 1998
1998 (7).jpg 1998 (6).jpg 1998-3.png TOP98 (2).jpg
This Is Their Truth - NME, 19th September 1998 Cardiff You Tolerate This - Melody Maker, 19th September 1998 Everything Must Grow Up - Q Magazine, October 1998 Truth Or Dare - TOP, October 1998
Bassist1198cover.jpg 1998 (3).jpg 1998.jpg 1998-4.jpg
From Hopeless To Hero - Bassist Magazine, November 1998 How Green Is My Valley - Select, November 1998 Manic Street Preachers - Total Guitar, November 1998 The Holly Bible - NME, 19th December 1998

The Truth Is In Here Melody Maker 8th August 1998
"We’ve Never Quite Walked It Like We’ve Talked It" NME 8th August 1998
Preaching To The Converted The Irish Times 15th August 1998
Archive Of Pain Melody Maker 15th August 1998
The Manics' Guide To The Modern World Smash Hits 22nd August 1998
Not So Manic Now? NME 22nd August 1998
Ghost That Stalks The Streets Sunday Mail 30th August 1998
Questionnaire: Nicky Wire Welsh Bands Weekly Summer 1998
This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours... Rip It Up September 1998
Preaching For The Stars The Evening Standard 11th September 1998
Just Another Manic Fun Day The Guardian 18th September 1998
Manic Attack Melody Maker 26th September 1998
Preaching To The Converted? Melody Maker 26th September 1998
Trials, Truths And Transit Vans Real Groove October 1998
This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours Mojo October 1998
Manic Love Machine Melody Maker 1st October 1998
If This Is Their Truth, Tell Me Another The Times 2nd October 1998
Most Politicians Are Sex-Obsessed Animals Aftonbladet 13th October 1998
The Real Truth Classic Rock Magazine November 1998
Love Will Tear Us Apart Esquire December 1998
The Truth Hurts? Melody Maker 19th December 1998
Manic, Wired Streets Ahead Sydney Morning Herald 31st December 1998



Rythym1999.jpg Q99.jpg 1999-22.jpg
The Quiet Man - Rhythm, January 1999 This Is A Proper Surprise - Q Magazine, January 1999 From Despair To.... Where? - Hot Press, June 1999
1999.jpg 1999 (2).jpg 1999 (7).jpg
Heaven Is A Place Near Perth! - Melody Maker, 17th July 1999 The Merchants Of V Nice - NME, 28th August 1999 U.S. Loves You! - Melody Maker, 24th September 1999
1999 (4).jpg 1999 (3).jpg 1999-2112.jpg
A Design For Strife - NME, 25th September 1999 All That Bile Had To Come Out - Melody Maker, 9th November 1999 Richey Manic And The '4 Real' Incident - NME, 9th October 1999

Nicky Wire: British Music's Moral Conscience Select January 1999
Manic Over A Lost Muse The Advertiser 28th January 1999
From Despair To Success BBC News 29th January 1999
Dig Your Own Poll NME 30th January 1999
The Lost Boy The Big Issue 1st February 1999
Manic Street Preachers Rip It Up February 1999
This Is My Drink, Give Me Yours Select February 1999
James Dean Bradfield Questionnaire Black Velvet February 1999
Manic Terrace Preacher Daily Mirror 27th February 1999
Spreading Truths Real Groove March 1999
Preacher Men The Times 7th March 1999
Dave Eringa: Recording The Manic Street Preachers' 'If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next' Sound On Sound April 1999
Famous Last Words Q Magazine May 1999
Manics Preach Restraint Toronto Star 31st May 1999
I'll Just Stay On The Bus Select June 1999
Preaching To The Converted Spin June 1999
Nothing But The Truth The Event Guide 9th June 1999
The Coolest People In Rock 1999 Melody Maker 12th June 1999
Rebel With A Cause The Irish Times 19th June 1999
Songs In The Key Of Glasto: Nicky Wire NME 26th June 1999
You Loved Us Melody Maker 26th June 1999
Everything's Preachy Hamilton Spectator 29th June 1999
Preachin 'cross The Pond Chart Magazine July/August 1999
Q&A: Manic Street Preachers Rock Sound August 1999
The James Dean Bradfield Interview JAM! August 1999
Interview: Nicky Wire Excellent Online 5th September 1999
Home Truths Eye Magazine 9th September 1999
Preachers’ Search For U.S. Audience Starts In Detroit State News 17th September 1999
Interview: James Dean Bradfield Excellent Online 30th September 1999
Trouble And Strife In The USA Rock Sound October 1999
GQ: Men Of The Year GQ October 1999
"We're Not Cashing In" Kerrang 16th October 1999
This Is My Truth - One On One With Nicky Hip 25th October 1999
His Little Empire Devil In The Woods Magazine November 1999
Off The Record Rock Sound December 1999
We Only Want To Get Drunk Select December 1999
Regeneration Terrorists Melody Maker 22nd December 1999



2000.jpg 2001-22.jpg
Wire 2K - Melody Maker, 12th January 2000 The Coolest People In Rock 2000, 14th June 2000

What Happened To Demanding The Impossible? Select January 2000
The Best Albums In The World...Ever! Melody Maker 5th January 2000
Richey Remembered Melody Maker 26th January 2000
The Lost Boys The Guardian 28th January 2000
Manics' Richey Remembered BBC Online 1st February 2000
Mother's Letter To Son Who Mysteriously Vanished Sunday Mirror 20th February 2000
All Back To Mine Melody Maker 9th August 2000
The Last Time I Saw Richey The Guardian 29th September 2000
Manics Havana It Large In 2001 NME 19th December 2000



2001 (3).jpg 2001 (4).jpg 2001.jpg
Welsh Reassembly - NME, 13th January 2001 'Some Bands Meet Tony Blair. We Play Cuba And Castro Turns Up' - NME, 3rd March 2001 Havana Ball - The Big Issue, 19th March 2001
Hotpress2001.jpg 2001 (2).jpg Soundi020301 (1).jpg
Buena Vista Socialist Club - Hot Press, 1st March 2001 A Re-Design For Life - Q Magazine, March 2001 'We May Look Old, But We Sound Young' - Soundi, 2nd March 2001
Vision2001 (1).jpg MusicExpresse0401 (1).jpg 2001 (5).jpg
The Last Bastion Against 'Americana' - Visions, March 2001 Against The Masses - Musikexpress, April 2001 Manic Street Preachers - Total Guitar, May 2001

Fear Of The Enemy NME 5th January 2001
Preaching To The Enemy The Base February 2001
Street Wise Worldpop February 2001
Live Webchat: Manic Street Preachers Top Of The Pops 9th February 2001
Interview: Sean Moore Fort Apache March 2001
Sun! Sea! Sand! Cigars! March 2001
Enemies Of The State Selector March 2001
Know Your Limits Planet Sound 8th March 2001
Interview: Manic Street Preachers Muse 9th March 2001
Little Drummer Boy South Wales Echo 17th March 2001
We Admire Cuba iDNES 17th March 2001
Our Manics In Havana The Guardian 18th March 2001
It Has Taken Us Six Years To Get Over Losing Richey. At Last We Are Facing The Music Sunday Mirror 18th March 2001
Know Your Enemy Dotmusic 19th March 2001
Not So Manic Street Preachers Belfast News Letter 20th March 2001
We Like Trips To Nowhere iDNES 22nd March 2001
Street Wise The Times 24th March 2001
Rock & Roll Politics 30th March 2001
"Despite Everything, We’ve Always Been A Rock Band" Kerrang 31st March 2001
It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us, Bach GQ April 2001
Manic In The Streets Record Collector April 2001
Know YOUR Enemy Sunday Morning Herald 1st April 2001
Manic By Name The Independent 8th April 2001
'As Usual We're Just A Bunch Of Grumpy Old Men Who Find A Lot Of Things To Hate!' Worldpop May 2001
You Quiz MSP's Sean Moore Planet Sound 6th May 2001
Manic Street Preachers Know Their Enemy Pause & Play 26th May 2001
Keeping The Converted On Their Toes Pulse! June 2001
Revelations By The Wire June 2001
Punk, Protest and Politics 4th June 2001
You Ask The Questions: Nicky Wire The Independent 25th June 2001
Overcoming Manic Depression Japan Times 8th July 2001
"I'm Happy To Be A Fool" Q Magazine October 2001
A Show Of Solidarity October 2001
Q Awards 2001: Best Live Act Q Magazine November 2001
A Design For Values Pop Culture Press 15th November 2001



2002 (2).jpg 2002.jpg
The Art Of Falling Apart - Mojo, February 2002 NME Originals, 1st October 2002

Missing, Presumed Irreplaceable The Independent 25th January 2002
Dying To Be Famous The Times 1st February 2002
A Manic Obsession Entertainment Weekly March 2002
Manics Wallow In Nostalgia And Celebrate Their Design For Life The Western Mail 24th July 2002
Just Another Manic Wednesday Sunday Mail 6th October 2002
"Current Pop Is Depressing" La Verdad 18th October 2002
A Large Compromise 21st October 2002
Nicky Wire - A Socialist Existentialist Público 25th October 2002
The Truth Is, More Manics Hits To Come The Western Mail 28th October 2002
Manic Street Preachers' Animal Farm Campus Galicia November 2002
4Ever 4Real Hot Press 26th November 2002
Grave Expectations Daily Mirror 29th November 2002



In The Eyeshadow Of The Valleys Of Death - City Life, July 2003

Interview With Sean Moore Fusion Musique January 2003
Preaching To The Converted Pulse! January 2003
On The Road Vogue May 2003
We Are All Bourjois Now Bang Magazine June 2003
If Nicky Wire Had Absolute Power X-Ray July 2003
Nicky's On The Wire Planet Sound 5th July 2003
A Song For Judge Dredd Planet Sound 8th July 2003
'Yes, We Can Look Like Fools Sometimes' The Telegraph 10th July 2003
Sean Moore Questionnaire AlienatedZine August 2003
History In The Making Hot Press 13th August 2003



2004scots.jpg 2004-1.jpg
Just Another Manic Day - The Scotsman, 30th October 2004 A Re-Design For Life - Guitarist Magazine, December 2004

James Dean Bradfield, Revolutionary The Western Mail 28th May 2004
In The Studio Q Magazine July 2004
Manic Street Preachers thegap October 2004
Word Of Mouth With Nicky Wire The Word October 2004
Interview: James Dean Bradfield Mojo October 2004
Not So Manic Now The Guardian 1st October 2004
History Is Sometimes Unfair Onet 15th October 2004
Not So Manic The Irish Times 16th October 2004
Nixon's Cheerleaders The Scotsman 24th October 2004
Sublime And Ridiculous The Independent 24th October 2004
The Return Of Enthusiasm And Self-Confidence Wirtualna Polska 27th October 2004
The Blood Tribunal Hot Press 8th November 2004
The New Old Manics 9th November 2004
Gentle Pinpricks Sächsische Zeitung 10th November 2004
"Tony Blair Has A Messiah Complex" Spiegel Online 18th November 2004
Everything Goes 18th November 2004
The Commitments The Guardian 21st November 2004
Expect The Unexpected Belfast Telegraph 26th November 2004
Everything Changes Teraz Rock December 2004
Still Casting That Manic Spell The Times 3rd December 2004
Angry After All These Years Manchester Online 6th December 2004
Manic Street Preachers: Interview VIBE-NET 11th December 2004



Cookiescene2005.jpg 2005-1.jpg
Manic Street Preachers - Cookie Scene, January 2005 Culture, Alienation, Boredom And Despair - NME, 29th January 2005

One Foot In The Past The Word January 2005
Home Entertainment Q Magazine January 2005
Manics Reveal Tsunami Setlist Wales On Sunday 16th January 2005
Interview With Nicky Wire BBC Wales 22nd January 2005
Ten Years Of Hurt The Independent 26th January 2005
Nothing's Ever Gonna Replace Richey NME 29th January 2005
Living With Ghosts The Sunday Herald 30th January 2005
Out Demons Out! Mojo February 2005
Ten-Year Tragedy Of Missing Manic BBC News 1st February 2005
Holy Moley 18th February 2005
Mind Of A Manic UWS Alumni April 2005
Under The Grill: Nicky Wire Top Of The Pops 4th April 2005
Manics Look To The Past, Plan For Future 13th May 2005
It's Never Taken a War to Make Manic Street Preachers Aware PopMatters 19th May 2005
It's Not a Question of Compromise; It's Just a Question of Clarity PopMatters 5th July 2005
War Child - Huh. What Is It Good For? The Times 9th September 2005



170706BigIssue.jpg Buzz2006.jpg
Not So Manic Now - The Big Issue, 17th July 2006

Preacher Man's Tribute To Artist Liverpool Daily Post 29th May 2006
First Cuts: James Dean Bradfield Uncut July 2006
Preaching Alone 6th July 2006
'I'm Not The Overrated Bricklayer I Thought I Was' Scottish Herald 8th July 2006
Enjoying Life To The Fullest 14th July 2006
Manic For Music: James Dean Bradfield On The Dangers Of Taking Life Easy Liverpool Daily Post 21st July 2006
I Can't Change Things Morning Star 25th July 2006
Everything Must Go The Independent 28th July 2006
Oh Dear, What Have I Done? The Telegraph 29th July 2006
'The Manics Is My Home, This Solo Album Is a Holiday' South Wales Echo 31st July 2006
Ask James Dean Bradfield Musikexpress August 2006
Back On Track? Nottingham Evening Post 11th August 2006
Choo Dares Wins Hot Press 15th August 2006
One Track Mind RedHanded Magazine Autumn 2006
Maybe I Could Be Gordon's Cleaner? New Statesman 25th September 2006
An Audience With...Nicky Wire Uncut October 2006
Nicky Wire/James Dean Bradfield Snoozer October 2006
What Rock 'N' Roll Has Taught Me NME 7th October 2006
This Much I Know The Observer 8th October 2006
"I Mean, I Still Can't Figure Out Why We Went To Cuba" Incendiary Magazine 15th October 2006
The Birth Of Uncool The Guardian 25th October 2006
The Didactic Revenge Of...Nicky Wire Plan B Magazine November 2006
How The Manics Were Reborn Wales Online 6th November 2006
The Second Comeback The Times 12th November 2006
The Long Goodbye Q Magazine December 2006



230407BigIssue.jpg 230707NME.png
Political Animals - The Big Issue, 23rd April 2007 'Glastonbury's The Big One, It's The Daddy' - NME, 23rd June 2007

Advance To Go Classic Rock Magazine January 2007
The Manics' Tiger Is Unleashed South Wales Echo 1st January 2007
In The Studio Mojo March 2007
Send Away The Tigers Socialism Magazine March 2007
April Blog 17th April 2007
This Country Needs Us NME 21st April 2007
V.I.P. Q&A: Nicky Wire The Times 28th April 2007
Inside My Head NME 28th April 2007
Interview With Nicky Wire BBC Wales Online May 2007
A Shallow Piece Of Dignity Rip It Up May 2007
Q&A: James Dean Bradfield Uncut May 2007
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090208NME.jpg 050308NME.jpg
The Lost Godlike Genius - NME, 9th February 2008 How To Be A Godlike Genius In 10 Easy Steps - NME, 1st March 2008

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160509NME.jpg TheFly09 (1).jpg
Richey's Final Mystery - NME, 16th May 2009 The Great Plague - The Fly, June 2009

In The Studio With...Manic Street Preachers Mojo February 2009
An Essay On Journal For Plague Lovers Spring 2009
Any Queries? Attitude April 2009
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Time Of The Preacher Time Out Dubai 22nd June 2009
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280810TheTimes.jpg 1010Guitarist.jpg Gear2010.jpg
How To Survive In Rock - The Times, 28th August 2010 Rock 'N' Roll Evangelist - Guitarist Magazine, October 2010 Manic Street Preachers - Gear, December 2010

"It's One Last Shot At Mass Communication" NME 1st June 2010
Postcards From A Young Man July 2010
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We Want To Be Ourselves, And Not Hostage To Our Own Audience Onet 26th August 2010
In The Studio Q Magazine September 2010
"It's Only Rock'N'Roll" Wirtualna Polska 1st September 2010
Down To The Wire The Skinny 2nd September 2010
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Computer Games And The Music Teraz Rock 18th September 2010
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Manic Street Preachers Beat Magazine 22nd November 2010
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Christmas Rapping NME 16th December 2010



081011NME.jpg 0911QMagazine.jpg
Everything Must Go - NME, 8th October 2011 The Music That Changed My Life - Q Magazine, November 2011

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100 Greatest Albums You’ve Never Heard NME 1st January 2011
Indie Bands Are Just Full Of Accountants Using A Gap Year To Make Music Daily Record 9th January 2011
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If You Tolerate This...: Nicky Wire On Library Closures The Guardian 7th February 2011
Manic Street Preachers’ James Dean Bradfield Lifts The Lid On His Cardiff Life Wales Online 18th February 2011
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Q's Quick Qatch-Up with...Nicky Wire Q Online June 2011
"I Bewilder Myself With My Pettiness And Anger. It's Not Healthy" Q Magazine July 2011
On The Road Q Magazine August 2011
Single Guys Q Magazine September 2011
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'Our First Cover Was Part Of The Masterplan' - NME, 27th September 2012

Molten Lava Literacy Hot Press 4th January 2012
Great Expectations NME 7th January 2012
Generation Terrorists - 20th Anniversary Wales Music 8th January 2012
20 Reasons To Love Generation Terrorists NME 10th February 2012
Generation Revisionists Louder Than War 10th February 2012
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Beat 190613.jpg Page 1.jpg Grooveguide2013.jpg
Roaring To Go - Beat, 19th June 2013 Spreading The Good Word - The Brag, 24th June 2013 Preaching To The Choir - Groove Guide, 26th June 2013
BS6Cm2jCEAAf5Bp.jpg 310813WesternMail.jpg 280913Scotsman.jpg
'Sometimes It Feels That Every Time We Play It's A Tribute To Richey' - Belfast Telegraph, 30th August 2013 We're Still Living The Dream - The Western Mail, 31st August 2013 Still Fired Up - The Scotsman, 28th September 2013

Condemned To Rock 'N' Roll Classic Rock Magazine February 2013
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Interview 6th June 2013
A Manic Roar 19th June 2013
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Manics Unplugged NME 13th July 2013
Twitter Q&A NME 29th August 2013
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Interview: Nicky Wire Of Manic Street Preachers Golden Plec 28th September 2013
This Sullen Welsh Heart RedHanded Magazine Autumn 2013
National Treasures Q Magazine October 2013
A Hot Wire To Your Head RTÉ Ten 8th October 2013
Famous Fan: Nicky Wire, Tottenham Goal 22nd November 2013
The Filth & The Maturity Hot Press 25th November 2013
Letter To My Younger Self The Big Issue 9th December 2013
The Musician Interview The Musician Journal Winter 2013



Liveuk-cover.jpg BassMay14.jpg 2014sue (1).jpg Westernmail050714.jpg
Rewinding Live - LiveUK, April 2014 On The Wire - Bass Magazine, May 2014 Just Like Anyone - Sue, June 2014 The New Welsh Assembly - The Western Mail, 5th July 2014
NME220714.jpg Acoustic082014.jpg NME13082014.jpg
Regeneration Terrorists - NME, 23rd July 2014 A Redesign For Life - Acoustic Magazine, August 2014 The Record That Changed Our Lives - NME, 13th August 2014

Q Awards: Best Video Q Magazine January 2014
In The Studio Q Magazine February 2014
Back To The Future NME 7th May 2014
What Is The Musicians' Occupational Disease? YleX 7th May 2014
There Have Been Dark Times Hiss!g 9th May 2014
The Young Do Not Fight Aftonbladet 10th May 2014
The Guitar Is Not Revolutionary BZ Berlin 15th May 2014
We're Old Bastards. Fuck It! Die Welt 15th May 2014
Rock 'N' Roll At 45? We Almost Broke Up 16th May 2014
I Am Changeable As A Model Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger 21st May 2014
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Right Up Their Strasse The Guardian 26th June 2014
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Three British Socialists Discover Berlin Die Welt 1st July 2014
Rock 'N' Roll Confidential - Nicky Wire Mojo July 2014
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Stirring, Beautifully Clash Music 5th July 2014
Back To The Future Wales On Sunday 6th July 2014
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The Holy Bible: Inside The Live Rehearsals NME 3rd December 2014
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Random Christmas Memories NME 20th December 2014



Remembering Richey - NME, 11th February 2015

The Holy Bible Explored Clash Music 5th January 2015
Behind The Headlines: Made In Blackwood South Wales Argus 13th January 2015
This Is Their Truth NME 24th January 2015
The World's Most Famous Unknown Band BBC News 30th January 2015
Richey Edwards: Missing Manic's Sister On Family's Struggle BBC News 31st January 2015
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Preacher Man Acoustic Magazine March 2015
The Album That Changed My Life Q Magazine March 2015
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It'll Be One Hell Of A Do! Hot Press 19th March 2015
Sometimes You Need Some Creative Failure to Spur You On Ultimate Guitar 26th March 2015
Manic Street Preachers Prepare to Bring 'The Holy Bible' Stateside 20 Years Later Billboard 3rd April 2015
Testaments Old And New Under The Radar 14th April 2015
Talking "Method" Recording And Youthful Delusions With The Manic Street Preachers PopMatters 15th April 2015
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My Life In A Suitcase NME 3rd June 2015
Nicky Wire On The Terror Of Playing Cardiff Castle Wales Online 5th June 2015
If Queue Tolerate This Beat Summer 2015
Interview: Nicky Wire whatsonhighlands 5th August 2015
Manics' Nicky Live & Rewired The Inverness Courier 6th August 2015
Sir Paul McCartney Talks 1983 Classic 'Pipes Of Peace' With James Dean Bradfield DIY Magazine 30th September 2015



LoudertanwarmagMay16.jpg RedHandedSpring2016 (1).jpg WM221016 (1).jpg
No Surface All Feeling - Louder Than War, May/June 2016 The Holy Trinity - RedHanded Magazine, Spring 2016 At Home With The Manics - The Western Mail, 22nd October 2016

Everything Must Go At 20: A Triumph Amid The Turmoil Getintothis 26th January 2016
James Dean Bradfield's Fantasy Music Festival Visit Wales 16th February 2016
"He's One Of The Few Artists That Makes You Realise You're Not As Good As You Think You Are" Q Magazine April 2016
Nicky Wire: Spurs Supporting Manic Street Preacher ShortList 7th April 2016
"We'll Never Change!" 7th April 2016
Rock 'N' Roll Revolution & Fidel Castro Rada7 14th April 2016
Everything Must Go: How The Welsh Wonders Picked Themselves Up And Became Bigger Than Ever After Losing Their Friend Kerrang 14th April 2016
Manic Street Preachers' Bittersweet Breakthrough Album Helsingin Sanomat 19th April 2016
Trump Is Interesting Aftonbladet 22nd April 2016
Preaching To The Converted Buzz May 2016
The Making Of A Classic Yorkshire Evening Post 12th May 2016
This Is The Official Wales Euro 2016 Anthem By Manic Street Preachers Wales Online 12th May 2016
Wales Euro 2016 Song: From Vietnam-Bound Troops To France BBC News 13th May 2016
Manic Street Preachers Speak Ahead Of Birmingham Show Native Monster 13th May 2016
Heart As Big Liverpool Liverpool etc 13th May 2016
How We Made Everything Must Go The Guardian 17th May 2016
Everything Must Go: A Reflection The Line Of Best Fit 17th May 2016
Why The Manic Street Preachers Have Written A New Song For A Musical About Dementia The i Paper 20th May 2016
'These Are The Last Burning Flames Of Rock 'N' Roll' Gigwise 23rd May 2016
Manics On New Football Single The Quietus 23rd May 2016
"I Can't Be Modest About It..." Mojo June 2016
It Was The Best Of Times... Q Magazine June 2016
"The Band Made Us Ultra Confident, We Didn't Realise How Much Some People Hated Us" GQ June 2016
"If We'd Sold, And Even To This Day, If We Ever Achieve Selling 16 Million Albums, Then Yeah, I'd Hang Up My Gloves And My Sticks, Job Done. So That Still Irks Us, Still Annoys Us That We Haven't Got To That Landmark!" Rhythm June 2016
And If You Need An Explanation The Quietus 2nd June 2016
Manic Street Preachers Talk The Past, Future And Playing Cornwall West Briton 23rd June 2016
The Last Word: Nicky Wire Q Magazine July 2016
James Dean Bradfield: "I Have No F**king Britpop Regrets" Digital Spy 7th September 2016
Know The Score: James Dean Bradfield Clash Music 12th September 2016



Richey Edwards & Manic Street Preachers 22 years On Gigwise 1st February 2017
25 Years Of Generation Terrorists Vulture Hound 10th February 2017
Manic Street Preachers On New Documentary Escape From History The Quietus 22nd February 2017
"I'd Like To Rock Again" NME 22nd February 2017
If You Tolerate This...Then You Might Be Asked To Do Another Movie Soundtrack The Western Mail 11th March 2017