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Interview With Sean Moore - Fusion Musique, January 2003

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Title: Interview With Sean Moore
Publication: Fusion Musique
Date: January 2003

SeanJapan2003pic1 (1).jpgSeanJapan2003pic3.jpg

Sean talks about funny moments in their career that made him laugh.

What you did not think was funny at the time, when you now look back, it is funny. One time Richey was asleep on stage in Holland and James kicked him by accident. Richey wakes up, being half asleep, and rushes to the front of the stage (laughing) Afterwards, backstage, Richey put some ice on his eye, and wasn't sure what had happened. However it was funny... Sean also mentions Nicky attacking things with his bass. When he starts attacking the people around you - when the televisions and the cameras are attacked... with the bass as a weapon.

Sean is asked about his memories of Japan.

The first visit to Japan remains most in my mind. The lobby of the hotel being closed, the fans were outside. Sean likens it to Beatle-mania, with them being chased in a similar way. Things which are seen for the first time are just something that stay with you.

Sean is asked about Japanese culture.

(He ponders for a while) The young people, the elderly people, have a sense of values which are different. Being completely the same even in my country. The elderly generation, the young generation, have the method of thinking of being different... But well, this is the same as England. The old person... persisting in ways of former times, does not wish to change. There are also times when you think... perhaps, this is universal don't you think?

Sean is asked about computer games he's played recently, and also if he went to Akihabara on this visit to Japan. Also what equipment and games he's purchased recently [from his previous visits I know he likes a district of Japan where all the shops sell the latest gadgets]

He mentions the X Box and Gamecube. With Playstation 2, the F1 racing game, other rally ones, and most recently doing "load of the ring" [which must be Lord Of The Rings, a brilliant game :D] He also mentions Sonic The Hedgehog which we know he likes but the surrounding context didn't translate. He mentions Akihabara but that's not clear either. This is the original translation. In regard to Akihabara, this time arriving in Japan, however went immediately... He mentions a type of digital camera and portable telephone.

Sean is asked which shampoo he recommends.

He gave a wry smile when he heard the question. Especially there is no favorite brand. His hair's short it doesn't take an hour to get ready. The hair was a conspicuous length, don't you think? Washing, about 1 hour you spend on setting.

He's asked about photographers and photo sessions He's then asked about Nicky wearing skirts

I guess the question was don't you think Nicky's too old to wear skirts at his age. Quick as ever he replies. Women of 34 years old or more should stop wearing trousers? (laughing) Men wearing skirts is also a natural thing on the earth, don't you think? For example... Samoa... perhaps that they are called "skirts" even in Arabian countries is not correct. After all, the skirt is no more than a kind of clothing, is it.

Sean's asked which songs he likes playing best.

Motown Junk, Motorcycle Emptiness, A Design For Life, If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next... these 4 tunes. Therefore the songs which can be called the turning point in our history. Then, he makes a joke about Faster. (laughing) The tempo of that tune became Slower (laughing) He says that it's difficult to keep that speed.

Next he's asked about cover versions.

He mentions Theme From M*A*S*H*. For the charity album. After that, various songs. "Catching the song which already exists with another angle, trying to interpret it"

Next he is asked about not doing interviews.

When James and Nick are doing an interview, I can have a sleep in bed. He also talks about hiding behind the drumkit on stage. Also, it is good to have been able to have hidden behind the drumkit (laughing) The audience throws various things on stage. Because two people stand before me, there are no times when something flies to my place. I think he's saying he prefers to be at the back of the stage.

Next, he's asked about the early days when he used to fund the band out of his wages.

It's true. At that time, Nick and Richey were at university. Richey was prudent in the management of money. Nick gambled everything on the slot machines. He was in a large sum of debt (laughing) James was doing a part-time job in a bar. Sean mentions what they had to pay for. Rental car fare, petrol costs... to use your own money to realise your dream, I think is natural.

Sean's asked a question about what he's shared with the band over the years.

From a young age until the present time - such as joy and sorrow and discouragement of life. And Richey. It is as you've said already. For me, it is a relationship similar to sibling and family.

Sean's asked about songwriting, and he also talks about songs he's written himself.

First, Nick writes the lyric, James gives it to me. In the past, however Nick and Richey wrote the lyrics. Me and James try out ideas with that lyric as an origin. He tells the story of recording Motorcycle Emptiness. Sean returned home one day and James said "come to the kitchen immediately!" Reading the lyric, you thought of the melody of the vocal part. The guitar part was possible afterwards. Then several years later in the studio, the current version was completed. A Design For Life was written intensively the first day we entered the studio [guessed translation as all the words were mixed up] As for No Surface All Feeling, the music I wrote mainly on [the 1994 French] tour. I do not usually write songs on tour. There was an acoustic guitar on the tour bus [he'd already received the lyrics] While playing with the guitar, I could designate the melody. So, after that, I kept fleshing it out with everyone. Sean talks about writing a song in this way. The inspiration which becomes the cause of the song is different. This for me is a good thing... various ideas are born because of this. Sean then talks about the song Gold Against The Soul. Before the album version was completed there were four versions. I tried playing with the loop, outside the studio we tried various types of experimenting [I'd like a proper translation of this answer]

The final question is about Sean becoming a father to Matilda Poppy. Why did he choose that name?

The wife acquired the name of the child. The wife and I wrote a list of girls and boys names, we kept removing the names I didn't like and the names the wife didn't like, from there, finally it was decided. Sean then mentions (Roald Dahl) the movie Matilda. Therefore an unusual name, the kind of name which has not been recorded in the "Top 100 Most Popular Names in England", which is possible to be unique.