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Interview: Sean Moore, Fort Apache, March 2001

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Title: Interview: Sean Moore
Publication: Fort Apache
Date: March 2001

The modern world is just a pleasant predicament, nothing but cold globalization. Look today, for example, that you find yourself talking on the phone with a Welsh that despite the meter of snow in which it is sunk in that of Helsinki, continues the same unperturbed to 'promote' and tell details of the new album with his the band has just released in Europe and South America. He is Sean Moore, a Manic Street Preachers full-time drummer and one of the three survivors of the very rock'n'roll death of leader Richey Edwards, he dissoltosi into thin 1 February of '95 to forget the pain of a family but even the birth of a sensational band. Yeah, because since then the Manics, previously only chaotic rockers, became delicious guide to entities within the British scene, releasing a pair of excellent albums like "Everything Must Go" ('96) and "This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours "('98), sealed at number one on the UK charts, followed today by the sixteen tracks of the new " Know your Enemy " , work that the band with unconventional choice went to present the world premiere last 17 February in Cuba, with a concert amphitheater Karl Marx of Havana. A good topic to start ...

So, this Cuban experience? "Very interesting, especially from the human. It 's amazing, in fact, see how dignity these people be able to move forward despite the difficulties that we all know. Structurally, it is a catch to the 70 country , also because the economic problems have prevented any possibility of improvement. But what Give yourself by Cubans is the same 'purity', the honesty of their ideals, and also a kind of collective consciousness, perhaps it is given by the good education we all have. " during the concert, there also happened to meet Fidel Castro. How is the person? "We saw it twice. It 's definitely a character who analyzed from outside Cuba it is subject to easy criticism. But it is also a person who has had the courage to take on huge responsibility towards its people, doing everything possible to respect them. it still is one of the few politicians I know to give the impression of being really honest and 'careful' in the things he does. " the hook for this whole history of Cuba was the song" Baby Elian ", included in the new" Know Your Enemy "and obviously dedicated to that little Cuban who last year was in the middle of a delicate international issue. Do not fear that because of this could have repercussions from the States, such as a boycott of the new album? "Well, I do not give a damn. In America we are only a small band, and they think they are too important and the center of the world to really see what others are doing. and anyway, if once you get there there are any sudden problems with the immigration office, i would be happy to turn around, take the first plane to England and never come back in the United States."


It is said that this new album will be your last. The voice of your dissolution runs for a long time on the optical fibers of the web ... "Yes, but it will not be so. As a band we feel we still have many things to say, we are still 'angry' about how the world works, and this for the moment pushes us to make new music together. The day I realize that they have become like the last Rolling Stones, absolutely pathetic in their latest incarnations of 'acchiappasoldi' at any cost, we will opt for the dissolution. But for now we feel as a band still very far from that point. "

Look, a question to ask: but is a bit 'simplistic to be' communist 'when it is actually of billionaires, as after all it is you Manics? (Quick response and no embarrassment, at least this one) "No, it is not about the money you but, rather, how are things going on around you, in the area you live in. and in Britain are not going well, there is no social status and everything is drifting toward a dangerous American model, where if you have money you save you, otherwise you're left to yourself. And we think it's not the right system for this humanity. Even if the hopes for change seem to fade as the time goes by ... " Why? There's a reason for that? "Yes, it is caused by a general economic stability. The parties that guide us are only able to provide empty promises: so people, in some way, has made ​​for itself, many have reached a prosperity individual that allows the minimum of personal happiness but also prevents you from thinking further, to 'heal' quell'agiatezza of those who did not have it. Everything has become very cold, very far from the man ... " If the revolution, How else is the dream of Sean Moore? "Bah, one there, but it sure has nothing to do with the argument made ​​here. Yeah, because one thing I would really like is to visit Maranello. it may seem strange, perhaps ridiculous, but the fact is that I'm a huge fan of Michael Schumacher, has a style full of instincts guide that only the great have. it reminds me somehow Villeneuve, Senna, Fittipaldi ... so I would not mind doing a visit to the Ferrari factory, see if you can learn about Schumacher and maybe even do a tour with some cars there on the track. "