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Interview: Nicky Wire - Tortured Rebellion Fanzine, 13th March 1992

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Title: Interview: Nicky Wire
Publication: Tortured Rebellion Fanzine
Date: Thursday 13th March 1992
Writer: Joe Swinford


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TORTURED REBELLION: By sticking to your game plan of splitting up after World Domination etc don't you think you'll be taking away something that has become important to your fans as well as yourselves?

NICKY WIRE: We still think we've got something to say and we really like making records, but it's like when you go into into H.M V. and see that a great band has made just the one great record and then split up, it doesn't drag on and on and get boring.

T.R.: Is there any planned T.V. appearances coming up?

N.W.: Yes, we hope to be on Top of the Pops again with ' Slash and Burn'.

T.R.: At some of the gigs I've seen evidence of a groupie situation, do you take advantage of this?

N.W.: (Laughs), I used to, but you've got to be a bit careful these days.

T.R.: Is that because of AIDS?

N.W. : Yeah, that sort of thing!

T.R.: When you tour the States do you have any desire to meet any rock stars or film stars?

N.W.: No, not at all

T.R.: Not even if Slash or Axl came knocking at the dressing room door?

N.W.: No, our first gig in America is supporting Steve Adler's new band Road Crew, (kicked out of the band for drug abuse)

T.R.: If they brought back hanging who would you most like to see in the noose?

N.W.: All of us!

T.R.: What are your personal favourites on the Generation Terrorists LP?

N.W.: 'Motorcycle Emptiness', 'Born To End' and 'Condemned to Rock'n'Roll'

T.R.: When the L.P. is released in the States are they going to change it at all? I read in the music press that they are going to re-mix it?

N.W. : They've cut the album down a bit, they've taken off 'Born To End','So Dead', 'Condemned To Rock'n'Roll' and 'Spectators Of Suicide', and they are going to put 'Democracy Coma' on the album, they want to put out a re-mix version of 'Little Baby Nothing' as a single in America.

T.R.: Who has got the biggest ego, you or Richey?

N.W.: I think James has, he thinks he's Stevie Vai or something, (Stevie Vai over the top U.S. guitar muso).

T.R.: Richey seemed a bit subdued tonight?

N.W. He's going through a bit of a hard time at the moment.

T.R.: What was the last record you bought?

N.W.: (Long pause), I'm a bit embarrassed to tell you this, it was 'High Wire' by the Stones.

T.R.: What do your families think of your success?

N.W.: They think it's that we've made something of our lives, we're really lucky in that we've got great parents.

T.R.: What are your favourite five records of all time?

N.W.: 'Anarchy in the U.K' 'Lost in the Supermarket', 'My Generation', 'Jumping Jack Flash' (pause), and 'Welcome To the Jungle', I'm afraid.

T.R.: What do you think of the stuff John Lydon and Joe Strummer are putting out these days?

N.W.: I think it's really sad, John Lydon is more like Johnny Rotten these days than he's ever been, why isn't he more natural?

T.R.: What do you think about Joe Strummer teaming up with the Pogues?

N.W.: That's one band I really hate, the Pogues, them and the Levellers.

T.R.: What is your favourite film?

N.W.: Thelma and Louise

T.R.: What has been the highlight of the Manics for you so far?

N.W.: Some people say Top of the Pops, but for me it was when Richey carved his arm up, it was worth it just to see the look on that journalist's face.

T.R.: Are there any songs left over from the 'Generation Terrorists' recording session that might turn up in the future?

N.W.: 'There's Ain't Going Down', which will be on the B-side of the new single 'Slash 'n Burn', I don't know if you like 'R.P. McMurphy', but it's one of my favourites, we've done another version of that.

T.R.: Are there plans for any more singles off the album after Slash 'n' Burn?

N.W. : We're thinking of putting out an EP with 'Motorcycle Emptiness', 'Bored Out Of My Mind', the Alice Cooper song 'Under My Wheels' there is also an old song called 'Sunglasses Aesthetics', and one called 'Roses In The Hospital'.

T.R.: What music have you been listening to recently?

N.W.: On the tour bus we've had 'The Unforgettable Fire', and 'Low' and 'Heroes' playing non-stop.

T.R.: If the group ended tomorrow what job would you like to do?

N.W.: I know it sounds boring and not very 'Rock 'n' Roll', but I'd like to be a librarian!

T.R.: Thanks for doing this interview Nick, well catch up with you again.