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Interview: Nicky Wire - FHM, July 2003

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Title: Interview: Nicky Wire
Publication: FHM
Date: July 2003

Manic Street Preachers' gangly bassist Nicky Wire on hoovers, leeks and beer...

Let's get your political ranting over quickly you've got 30 seconds to vent anger. Go!
Anger? Me? I'm cheery! All's good in my world at the moment. Except for the fact that I've come out in a rash. I'm in London a day and i break out. The city doesn't meet up with my hygiene standards.

Okay, as a cleanliness person, what have you made of the Dyson vacuuming revolution?
I have three. One upstairs, one down and one on standby in case of breakdown. They're vintage Dysons from the original factory before mass production started.

Kelly Jones recently told us he sticks vegetables up ladies rude bits. Do you do similar things with Hoover nozzles?
Uuggh. No! And i hope Kelly doesn't use leeks! Leeks are beautiful. I put my heart and soul into growing them.

Lovely. We also hear that your favourite tipple is Ribena. That's not very Punk rock is it?
I just don't like beer. But the Ribena can't come in a carton. I dislike that nearly as much as lager.

You don't drink beer, you don't stick hoovers up women. What do you do?
I don't go out much I must admit. I stay home and do a lot of gambling on the Sky betting channel.

What's the most you've lost on a bet?
A couple of grand. The biggest win I've had was on Argentina vs France in the rugby. I had £250 on Argentina at 12-1.

Nice. You're scrawny yet the rest of the Manics are fat. Do you go, "Last one on stage is bent!" Knowing you'll easily beat the bloaters?
Ha! No. They don't steal my lunch either. Actually, you'd be suprised but James would always win over short distance. He's a fast sprinter.

But didn't you once have trials with Arsenal?
I was captain of Wales under 16's too. I was good but always looked like a girl when playing. They nicknamed me Shirley.

Understandable. Finally do you play bass because it's the easiest instrument?
Absolutely. It's even easier than drums.