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Interview: James Dean Bradfield - CD Journal, 18th May 2009

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Title: Interview: James Dean Bradfield
Publication: CD Journal
Date: Monday 18th May 2009


Richie James, who was bringing intelligence, beauty and dangerous shine to the initial manics with its extreme behavior and genius lyrics. New release " Journal For Plague Lovers " of Manic Street Preachers, which will bring unprecedented joy and surprise to fans who have overcome the cavity of the mind of absence of Ritchie with a member of the mystery disappearance is released It was done. About this album credited as "All Lyrics Richard Edwards", I asked Nicky Wire (b) who was writing lyrics from Richie from debut .


The new work of Manic Street Preachers, which follows  the good album "Send Away The Tigers" of the year before last, is a special piece for the group who has followed a dramatic fate. For the lyrics written by Richie James, former member who was formally deceased by parents accepting legal death sentences in November last year, in disguise of mystery at the age of 27 in 1995, It's because I have attached songs.

"The lyrics of this time were received three to four weeks before Ritchie ceased and have been at hand since then.His words are truly wonderful and I miss how morning we miss this genius lyricist It made me realize what I was doing again. "

I was surprised that he appointed Steve Albini , a producer known for his work with Nirvana . Although he is a person who keeps dividing from the Indy band all over the world without being separated, it is a monster who is also known as a number of weirdly legendary at the same time, it should have been short not to be an episode again this time.

"There are lots of things (laughs). I always came over to the studio and I watched MTV together at night after working, but I complain about all the songs that are flowing. I hate them all ( (Laugh) But it was a good relaxation (laugh) Then I will eat meals only once in the evening.I will not eat anything else.It's changed, but if I work with an appropriate band, I think that creates a wonderful sound. in particular, drum and bass, with regard to the feedback, I wonderful to no one out to right. but in his appointment there was some reason, we first of Nirvana "in utero" of It was big because it was a big fan, it was also Richie, and in fact I talked about telling him to produce him in 1994 It was do it. "

The characteristic feature of that sound is that there are many things with the nuance of the New Wave or the Post Punk in the first half of the 1980's, which makes me feel very comfortable. It is different from the sound of the present era, but it is very fresh in reverse.

"It's a pleasure to say so, because that's what we tried to do, we dare dare to taste a sense of isolation, " Holy Bible " at that time, when Oasis and Blur wrote an album Although they were released, they were said to be so-called Britpop, but I felt that what we are doing is completely different from that, and we wanted to be in that situation again with this album. I wanted to make something completely different from others, nothing totally related to the times. "

This album has a special meaning to them, but what impact will this have on the next album? "I do not really understand that, although it was really fun this time, it is not an album of the nature that I can always create, and now I listen to only Queen and Aba (laugh), but the next album is more fun , I guess it will be something more festive... "