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Interview: James Dean Bradfield,, 23rd April 2012

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Translated from Czech

Wednesday will perform the famous Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers in Prague's Lucerna. Singer and guitarist James Dean Bradfield has granted rights to an interview before the concert.

Manics, left Sean Moore (drums), James Dean Bradfield (vocals, guitar) and Nicky Wire (bass).

Manics, left Sean Moore (drums), James Dean Bradfield (vocals, guitar) and Nicky Wire (bass). PHOTOS: Sony Music Monday, April 23, 2012, 13:06 Last year you announced a two year break, but now you're back on tour. What made you change your plans? Declaration concerned only the UK , but this newspaper failed to mention. After we released the selection board National Treasures - The Complete Singles, we announced that the concert, which was held in December last year in London , will be for two years on the islands last.

We are going to tour Europe in May and go play in Japan , so the home will not find a longer time. Also, we would then like to record another album. That's the plan until 2014. That we want to keep.

So already working on new songs? We've already started preparing. We have about eight demos and before us a lot of work. We want to release the album, which will be at least thirty songs that takes us before going into the studio still has a lot of efforts and composing.

Why do you want the album so long? We feel that it is time to do things a little differently. By the time we released their latest album Postcards From A Young Man, our songs were about zaškatulkované as critical social, economic and cultural issues smelling rock anthems.

It's an art form, with whom we have long time connection. In the future, we would like to try something different. I think the songs from the following discs will not play on the radio, probably we seek a more conceptual approach. This time we want to communicate on their own, not the four-minute pop songs.

Why do you not comfortable? It is possibly the result of the time in which we live. Guitar bands in Britain already receive neither the Top 40 and have the best-selling albums. We do not want to be chasing after something that has not reachable for us, so we change direction. Let's see what it will be. Anyway, it's very pleasant to decide that with the band after so long will enjoy freedom.

What topics in the texts currently deserve attention? Be careful when you write about the world. It can be criticized, but it is necessary to write about what you know well. Therefore, I think is best to focus primarily on their own land. To be sure, we wrote about Cuba , America, and perhaps the entire rest of the world, but the basis should be the country where you come from. In the UK today I see a big problem in the absence of constructive solutions.

We know that the opposition Labour Party have answers to our questions. As for the Conservative Party , which is in power, it's even worse. Its politicians are utterly destructive, they are enemies. So we know who our enemies are, but we do not know of any friends. It's a weird feeling that perhaps in the future goes.

Last summer you performed at the festival in Trutnov ... Unfortunately, I had had a cold, so it was hard for me performances. I had problems with his voice. However, I know about the anti-Communist history of the festival and for your country. Miscommunication between us obviously comes from what socialism meant for that country. In the former Czechoslovakia, it was a monster that is destroying the country. To this day it has on the Czech Republic a big impact and I understand your position.

In Britain, the situation was completely different. It was time for public ownership of coal, electricity and water and trade union. Socialism meant to us and the absolute freedom of speech, not as in you. If people think that advocate communism, as he had with you, they are wrong and do not know the context.

Experiencing the same misunderstanding in another country? To be honest, we have to defend around even in one country. In Poland . But there is a lot easier than in the Czech Republic.

You are now on a European tour National Treasures. Do your European tours stop anything in common? On tour in Europe is exceptional and exciting that each country is truly unique. Whether you're in Austria , Germany or anywhere else, the audience is distinctive in each country. The atmosphere is different every night, which is why our concerts actually have a lot in common.

In the Czech Republic in 2001 at the Trade Fair Palace in Prague, attended the ceremony of music awards Angel. You've earned during his career much the price? Yes, we got a lot of them and many of us mean a lot. I was really miserable man, if I ever take to get an award. Although we do not make music because we won prizes, but if we get it, it's a fluke and a pleasant surprise. The greatest reward for us is the interaction with the audience. Feeling that understands what you want him to say is invaluable for the band.

It is one of the albums Manic Street Preachers your favorite? I do not think about it that way, but to each album, each song I have many memories. Indeed, I am in a band with people they know from childhood. Drummer Sean is my cousin, but it's almost like my brother. Bassist Nick know from five years, Richie (guitarist, who is missing since 1995. - Ed. Aut.) I also knew from childhood. Having a band with childhood friends is something special.

What would you like it if you saw a shooting star? But this does not say, then it failed ... So you'd better formulate more generally. I wish that people have such an interesting and worthwhile life as much as possible. Also to feel such joy that I draw from their work. And to have the same luck. I got together with his closest friends the best job in the world.