Holy Shit - It's The Manics! - Kerrang, 6th August 1994

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Title: Holy Shit - It's The Manics!
Publication: Kerrang
Date: Saturday 6th August 1994
Photos: Ulf Magnusson


Manic Street Preachers face the music with controversial new album! UK tour to follow!

Manic Street PReachers, the controversial Brit Punk/Popsters, have completed work on their third album, 'The Holy Bible'.

It is a typically dour affair, with the Welsh quartet addressing the state of the world as they see it. Bassist Nicky Wire admits that their outlook on life hasn't exactly improved.

"No F'kin' way!” he laughs, "The studio we were in is in the prostitute area of Cardiff, so every time we arrived we'd see some seedy car, or some dirty old businessman. It was pretty depressing, and kind or made you realise how the world had become."

"We were in this tiny little shit-hole of a studio called Sound Space. It was literally a 15-track desk, about 20 feet long. It only cost about £50 a day - the studio we were in for 'Gold Against The Soul' (the band's last album) was £1,500 a day, and we just wanted to react against that excess. You don’t need the f**kin' swimming pool and the full-size snooker table.

"This time we were in the studio for about four weeks, and some of that time was rehearsing! We recorded during the Winter, and it was pissing down with rain every day, so the locals didn't really seem to notice us. They just mooched around in parkas!"

The recording sessions — all self-produced — have already spawned the acclaimed 'PCP'/'Faster' double A-side. and new single 'Revol' which is released this week.

"They are both a good indication of what the new stuff's like," says Nicky. "It's got a real raw sound; that's what we went for. It's the first time since our really early singles that we've been happy with something. This is an album for us, where 'Gold...' was pretty much an album for MTV, the record company, the radio..."

Currently courting something of a milltant feel - at least in terms or clothing - the band have once again steered straight into trouble.

That terrorist-type balaclava that singer James Dean Bradield has taken to wearing - did the rest of the band think, 'Oh no...' when he first wore it?

"No, because it was my idea!" Nicky claims.

"When James wore it on 'Top of The Pops', they had more complaints than they’d ever had — 25,000! I don't think they‘ll be inviting us back in a hurry! There’s probably more controversy to come..."

"In the modern age, the 10 Commandments have crumbled away. We wanted to reflect how the world's changed and rewrite the 10 Commandments. It's not anti-religious as such, it‘s just us saying how we think the world has become and how human nature has been destroyed. Oh, and the sleeve is a painting of a nude woman!"

'The Holy Bible' will be released through Columbia on August 30. Nicky divulges the following song titles: "We've got 'Archives Of Pain'. 'Four Stone Seven Tons', 'Yes', 'Of Walking Abortions', 'Mausoleum' - I think you get the drill! We're pleased with it; it's harder and faster than we’ve been in a long time."

The album will be backed with a full UK tour and, despite a plethora of Summer dates, the band — completed, of course, by guitarist Richey James and drummer Sean Moore - are still looking forward to getting back on the road.

"I never get sick or Britain," says Nicky. “It‘s the one place I know and we write about. When we get to somewhere like Manchester and it's dark and raining, it makes everything makes sense. It puts a smile on my face!"