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Greg Haver Email Interview - Delirium On Helium Fanzine, January 2003

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Title: Greg Haver Email Interview
Publication: Delirium On Helium Fanzine
Date: January 2003
Writer: Lindsey Taylor-Fullman

How was playing live with the Manics on the Greatest Hits tour? Have you ever played live with them before?
I played at the St Davids homecoming gig and have played percussion in the studio on some of their tracks, but I have never played percussion on a gig before in my life! It was an amazing experience, I had retired from touring many years ago, they were the only ones who could get me out again, I had a ball.

What was the best night of the tour for you and why?
Cardiff was amazing, both nights, being my home town. Glasgow was great, I really enjoyed Wembley Arena, Plymouth rocked, but they were all fab.

What's your current favourite Manics track to a) listen to and b) play live?
Little Baby Nothing, it gets to me every time, on record and live, it is a work of genius.

Are you likely to become a permanent live fixture as Nick Naysmyth has?
That's not up to me! I am going to Japan for the gigs this month, but Nick has been there for 7 years so I doubt it.

What do you think of the fans that will queue for anything up to 12 hours for a Manics gig? Are we totally mad?
I thought it was amazing to see the same faces at all the gigs, I really felt for the ones in the freezing cold at Newcastle and Nottingham, it was a dedication I have never seen before.

What Manics track that you have worked on are you most proud of and why?
Grace of God, as it is not only a great song, but was my first top ten single as a producer.

What does Greg Haver have planned for 2003?
Off to Japan with the Manics, some more tracks with INME, a Goatby EP then off to New Zealand in Feb to do some producing and give seminars.