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From Despair To Where - Melody Maker, 31st May 1997

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Title: From Despair To Where
Publication: Melody Maker
Date: Saturday 31st May 1997


Manic Street Preachers' James Dean Bradfield is the only person ever to have sworn on "The Breakfast Show" on Radio 1 - and he has now said "fuck" twice in as many months. His latest slip came last Monday (May 19) while he was competing by phone in Mark Radcliffe's early-morning quiz, "We Love Us", a play on the Manics' "You Love Us". Every week, a different band is put on the hot spot and, each morning, one member of the band is asked five questions about their own career. Question one caused Bradfield no problems: "Name the photographer responsible for the photos on the sleeve of 'Gold Against The Soul'." The answer was Mitch Ikeda. Number two seemed easy: "In December in 1996, you had three gigs in London. Can you remember the venues?" Bradfleld answered correctly, "Kentish Town Forum, Shepherd's Bush Empire and Brixton Academy". The third, also, was a cinch - "Name the last four tracks on 'Generation Terrorists'." The answers, of course, were "Crucifix Kiss", "Methadone Pretty", "Condemned To Rock'n'Roll" and "Democracy Coma".

Question four resulted in Bradfield's blunder. When asked, "Who played keyboards on 'Motorcycle Emptiness'?", confused, he blurted: "Richard, oh, oh...fucking hell!" He should have answered Richard Cottle. Number five posed a problem too. James was asked about an appearance he made on the front cover of a UK music paper with other artists, but, alas, was unable to remember the occasion correctly.

With a total of three out of five, Bradfield's score equalled that of Nicky Wire on Wednesday but it was Tuesday's competitor, Sean Moore, who scraped three and a half points and scooped the grand prize - a foot spa. Apparently he already has one, but is happy to have one per foot. Within two weeks of Mark Radcliffe taking over as presenter of "The Breakfast Show", the Manics' mouthy frontman accidentally swore live on air while playing an acoustic set.