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Field Trip - RAW, 6th July 1994

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Title: Field Trip
Publication: RAW
Date: Wednesday 6th July 1994
Writer: Howard Johnson
Photos: Mick Hutson

Rawjul94 (1).jpg Rawjul94 (2).jpg

Like the world of Manic Street Preachers, band of the day by a cool and cotton' pickin' mile! Politically clued-in, yet unafraid to kick out the jams, this was the performance of a band at the height of its powers.

Opening with a fast and frenetic ‘Faster', frontman James Dean Bradield ensconced in a bonkers balaclava and saucy sailor suit, set the tone and the band didn’t let up, ripping through the full repertoire of classics and showcasing two newies, ‘Yes‘ and 'She Is Suffering', which indicate that the future will burn brighter and faster for the Manics than ever before. This was the sight and sound of total triumph. Rock the way it was meant to be played, like it came straight from the gut!

Straight From The Manics' Mouth!

Manic Street Preachers guitarist Richey James gives his verdict on the band's Glastonbury performance...

"It Was a real surprise that we enjoyed the gig as much as we did and that we were unanimous in our opinion! There's usually an argument between us about whether a gig was good or bad! It certainly got better as it got darker, but that's not surprising. Most bands feel safer in the dark!"

"We went on at a quarter to ten and we only got down at about six in the evening, so we didn't exactly have much time to soak up the festival atmosphere. Our feelings about Festivals are pretty well documented. We don‘t like them and we don't fit in. so I'm happy to get out as quickly as possible. James saw a few bands in the late afternoon - L7 and Tool - but I didn't ask him what he thought of them! I Just sat on the bus while the rest of the band and crew watched the football on the telly. You do have a dressing room there, but you’re not allowed into it until two hours before you go onstage. That didn't bother me. I'd rather be on a bus anyway: it's more luxurious!"

"James stayed for the night on Friday, but the rest of us just hung around for a while because we had to do the hand-shaking bit with various record company people. Then we were straight off home again."

"We all enjoyed things a lot more than the Phoenix last yea, which was pretty disorganised and really quiet. This will be a much better memory for us!"