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Everything You Want - Tylko Rock, January 1997

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It's a wonderful thing to hear in a small club branded the British team. One who already knows of several discs ... His works acquire a new charm. It turns out that game with a rock nerve also what the recordings did less rock impression. And what was supposed muzyczynego kick, of course, have it still. For the British are so personable manner confident. There is no doubt about it, with just doing his. From rock to their music. To write the above led me Manic Street Preachers in the Berlin club Loft in one of the November evenings. I must straight away admit that driving by to Berlin I felt too confident. I had not only to be on the show, but also to do an interview with bassist Manic Street Preachers, Nicky Wire¹em. These Preachers Rock this group is not only known, but quite specific in at least a few reasons. Let me start from this, and the style of the band - formed in the Welsh Blackwood in 1989 - hard to define. It is true that M. C. strong in his book The Great Rock Discography can benefit ujac zdziwiajaco shortly: talented band of heavy / punk, being the expiration of The Clash, The Alarm, or Guns N¹Roses. But this is already a duty rock experts. And besides, he wrote her some time ago, while Manic Street Preachers like to change.

The first album Generation Terrorists, released in early 1992, contained the songs close to punk rock and metal alongside almost ... almost sounding pop. In turn, Gold Against The Soul (1993) you can hit on something in hardcore¹owym climates, but more characteristic of this disc is expressive music with references to ³zwyklego² rock sedemdziesiatych years. Even though speaks here the spirit of hard rock of Queen. In contrast, The Holy Bible (1994) is proof of a taste for more Transwa music, the bizarre sounds and strange atmosphere. The latest album Everything Must Go (up from last year) falls mmajlagodniej, majmelodyjniej, the most traditional. And as if this is the culmination of A Design For Leah, in the arrangement of strings. Besides, the song, which turned out to be - so far - majwiekszym hit groups: also released as a single doubt drew to a second position on the list najpopulariejszych disc in the UK ... In addition, you can not talk about artistic betrayal. It is in all these metamorphoses some sort of logic, some sort of continuity ...

The texts also can embarrass. Zaczymali fascination communist passwords (New Art Riot) and attacks on institutionalized forms of religion (Starlover). Someone told me glsowal on konserwarystow - so miczym podzatek some journalistic article, is the first line of the text title song of Gold Against The Soul. On The Holy Bible was featured song Revol, who will start from: Mr Lenin - awaken the boy / Mr Stalin - bi-sexual epoch, and ends: lebensraum - Kulturkampf - raus - raus - fila - fila / revol ... Zas next this text we have about the disease women who want to be superzgabne about anorexia - 4 st. 7 lb. And A Design For Life is pleasant to the ear melody and a grim picture of working-class life: we do not we talk about love, we just want to get drunk. It is also on the latest disc song about wanting to get away from it szystkiego - Australia ...

As if teog was not enough, Manic Street Preachers band is marked by the tragedy of one of its musicians - Richey Edwards. When the group did the career, behaved more and stranger: alcoholism, depression, self-mutilation. The first signal was prezerazajacy nastepjacy: when dziennkarz Steve Lamacq, doing an interview with Richey, expressed doubts as to the authenticity of the actions of the Manic Street Preachers, grabbed the brzyrwe and I cut myself on the forearm 4 REAL, really ... And in February 1995, came out of London's the hotel in which he lived and ... znyknal. In this way, the quartet was reduced to a trio (as I could find out that in the Loft during concerts accompanied by sideman, who plays keyboards).

As for my interlocutor ... Nicky Wire looks like the pictures the band equally disturbingly like Richey. Tez strange looks, too strong makeup. And those of his statements. In miniomych years has delivered major who could, really not mincing words. Here is a sample: nienaprawidze Slowdive more than Hitler. And when rumors emerged that wokalisa R.E.M. has AIDS, he tore something like this: We hope that Michael Stripe share the fate of Freddie Mercury¹ego. Enough?

Maybe even a ... frontman is singing guitarist James Bradfield, but already he calls Nicky¹ego steering force Manic Street Preachers.

With Nicky I come across where you lived: in the Berlin Hilton. Hotel looks just like a real Hilton should look like: solid, really luksowsowo. As anyone unless you know: rebellious, rock life, and doing such a glow. When I entered the room indicated by the manager of krzezla stood up tall and very slim Wire (really bears the name of Jones, but apparently the nickname - wire - really suits him). Chlpeco looked, behaved naturally, smiled happily answer questions. Not for a moment did przypominat guy with photographs. What can I say: really strange are those preachers.


- Is the Rozu decide to name Manic Street Preachers? And who invented it? Nicky (NW) - James took care of it. He said: ³Mialem dream ... ² explained to nothing - just announced that got up in the morning and had it in my head already. We did not have any other name. - I know that The Clash was one of your first inspiration. What's the most you liked their style? NW - I think that ³styl² is the right word. That's what he liked with The Clash, it is precisely their style. You know - like changes between ³London Calling² a ³Combat Rock². Just everything. - I really like London Calling. And what do you think about this today alubumie? NW - It is one of the great disc. - Is it true that in those days lubiliscie also The Who and Led Zeppelin? With The Who matter seems to me more evident: they were surely the inspiration for many of the later rock rebels, ranging from The Jam. But Led Zeppelin is a group that was fitting to hate, if I'm even though it was a little punkujacym musician. And you such included. NW - Yes ... I think you just liked the classic teams. When we were young przepadalismy only such. We liked all groups: the Stones, Pistols, The Who, Led Zeppelin. We enjoyed all the great British bands that took his style, were arrogant and focused good musicians. Therefore liked Led Zeppelin. Particularly - James. Among the bands with years osemdziesiatych was not such which would have liked. Not really liked the music. We liked all the old group, and we did wijatek only for Guns and Roses N¹ Public Enemy. Only these two groups liked the eighties. - I remember that the uncompromising rappers Public Enemy have invited to udzalu in one of the songs of Generation Terrorists. But some surprises me that so lubiliscie N¹ Guns Roses, with even've recorded their It¹s So Easy .... This rock dynamite, but also - as we soon found out - dose of rock commercialism. NW - I do not see anything wrong with that. This is actually the band focused on commerce, but I like the group, whose music TRFIA to many people. - You from the beginning that went bad when it comes to response. Your first album, Generation Terrorists, in the beginning of 1992 went to the top twenty best-selling albums in the UK. Besides, you praised the music press. I wonder what we now think of these recordings? NW -I think dropped out of circulation, but still are classic. There is no shortage there flimsy things, but this is an album very youthful, very najwny and really like him. This is something which I can listen ... We had only 21 years old when we recorded. I'm just proud of this disc. It should be more famous. - From the very beginning lubiliscie provoke what swiadczly if only some of your lyrics. But not much was sharply sounding songs. Sometimes, even if sklanialiscie page in pop music. Why hit on your first album as the songs Motorcycle Emptiness wanted and in this way podroznic listeners? Or maybe just always przywiazywaliscie great importance to the melody? NW - The most important is the melody. Always we believed in the melodies. I always wanted to do good songs. Zalzalo us that to have many listeners. Besides ³Motorcycle Emptiness² has a fantastic text. This can be let go in every country. Therefore, it liked the song. - Apparently zczynaliscie play to assist, the rock will break out wm provincial workmen Brackwood. NW - If you live in the UK you have two ways to break out of ³getta². You play football or grab a guitar. These are two ways to give of yourself to know. I think it always will be. - Przyczytalem in ³Q² that as a young czlwiek really liked rivalries. NW - Now I do not. My ego is not so great. - Really no longer you like to race? NW - Yes, I like pokonkurowac with other teams, but no longer pulls me like once. I am not so arrogant. Now I'm already a little older. - What do you think about the American, reborn punk rock? The teams the likes of Green Day and Rancid? NW - I do not like it. - Why? NW - I believe that they took wszystkko what is wrong with British punk. - Maybe bys that has developed ... NW - There's nothing serious. They are fine - they are good musicians. And songs are okay, but I think that is lacking in this ³zyciowego² this component. SECOND FIVE MINUTES

- Changed us punk rock, but also changed in August Manic Street Preachers. It seems to me that you went a musical Evolution. NW - actually we changed. I think that we stood sielepszymi musicians. With great play more concerts, and you're getting better. But do not we changed as people. We still depend on the same matters. We are now more ambitious when it comes to arrangments - all these strings and so on. Still we jesesmy the same guys who are playing the same music. - You mentioned the strings. Certainly made the A Design For Life meaning is different from your earlier actions. But also the whole motherboard Everything Must Go is mildly more pop than your earlier albums. Is the lack of Richey¹ego was the main reason for this change? NW - It zmieilaby August even if Richey pozastal in the team. Album ³The Holy Bible² was very dark and depressing. Somehow I wanted to break up with this. We wanted to start doing something new. Departures Richey¹ego certainly facilitated us ... It has to be a different disc. We wanted there were strings like a Phil Spector or Tamla Motown recordings. And that - an excellent drummer. And some Bacharach. Always we are the same band, but we want to add our music different things. James is a big fan of music with Tamla Motown, so we wanted something with this switch on. - I believe that you have the true nature rockers, while arrangments with strings difficult to name something really rock. Sa iconic disc of such sound, starting with the Forever Changes Love, but zawszeto sounds a little strange for a rock fan. Do you agree with me? NW - No. In my opinion, the rock breaks all barriers. You can enter to the music all you want. In the music of the nineties may appear jungle rhythms, rhythms of dance ... It got so nicely, with some postanomilem ³poluzowac² our conversation. I asked Nicky¹ego, in which the famous bands would like to play. Opowiedzil, he would like to be Paul Simonon of The Clash. How zaznacyl: Just because it looks so great. I tried to see if a not mocked ... - Really just because of that? NW - Yes! This handsome guy.


- It is widely believed that the rock life, a variety of madness. And you can read about that from time to time indulged in kileliszek red wine. NW - Yes. - Of course I'm not for drunkenness. However, it sounds strange - taking into account the tastes of most rockers - that I have to ask: why? NW - I have a bad liver. - Have you forgotten me to damage yourself? NW - No. This discomfort inherited from his father. No something there ... - What do you think about hasle ³sex, drugs and rock¹n¹roll²? NW - not biere drugs and hanging out with groupies. No ... I'm a married man. For me, everything revolves around music and concerts. The rest does not interest me. - Well, it'll come back to talk about your discs. James Bradfield, once said of the album, The Holy Bible was the most natural of your own on disc. And you just You noted that starting the work on Everything Must Go wanted to break up with that convention. How to understand? NW - In this period, in the UK a lot was happening. Britpop was on the wave. We wanted to do an album, which would be the opposite of that kind of music. Really dark, powerful. Something about the whole of our misery. Just we wanted wrywac August of this system. Wsztystko on this disc - the whole, our hatred and bitterness - had this to serve. It is not easy thing to listen. - And who of your albums do you like most? NW - I like the song of the whole of our career. Podaba me our first single. One of my favorite discs is ³Motown Junk², released by Heavenly. I love ³Motorcycle Emptiness², I love ³La Tristesse Durera², I love the song of ³Holy Bible². Many listen to our CDs. And all the wedding. - In the October issue of ³Vox² he appeared in an interview with you. You agreed to specify where your favorite recordings of other artists. You mentioned What¹s In The Box Boo Radleys, Distant Sun Crowded House, Never Mind The Bollocks Sex Pistols Love Will Tear Us Apart Joy Division and Lust For Life Iggy¹ego Popa. You can explain what guided thee? What do you like these musicians? NW - Boo Raadleys for that really sounded like The Who - Nicky here for a moment sang appropriate sounds. I like the Boo Radleys also for that experiment and for that they are a very nice boys. - A Crowded House? NW - for this kind of ... You are at home, very bored in August, falling outside the window. Then just a song Crowded House, and already you feel laid back ... - Of course not surprised me that CHANGED Never Mind The Bollocks Sex Pistols but also ask for any any comment ... NW - I think - so far - is the greatest motherboard. - A Joy Division? NW - just think that this is really sad. - Do you like sad music? NW - Yes. I told Nicky¹emu, with Joy Division is portrayed since August Closer cult group in Poland. He was surprised, threw its really ?, I still moments opowiadlem, which is influenced by grapa Ian Curtis on our young bands in the osimdziesiatych. And my amiable interlocutor corzucil something that apparently many in its concept here It could explain: Their first name was Warsaw ... Quite surprising, rock musicians rather not charged to, its memory information about the career of other rockers. If there were more time, and maybe I would try it surprise you that I know that this was the first name in the occurrence of which, because attempts done yet as The Stiff Kittens. I ³Warszawa² that this was not a nod to our country, but - in the direction of David Bowie. He was descended from the title of his compositions ... - He was us another artist tojej list of recordings. Besides, Ian Curtis reportedly already listened to his music just before committing suicide: Iggy Pop. NW - I just love Iggy¹ego. A ³Lust For Life² is my ulbiony album. Behind the drums ... I really like the drums. Here Nicky gave me another sample of its possibilities wokalych: imitate drums, probably from the said disc Popa. As far as him it came out, did not I checked.


Manic Street Preachers have always done wrazeie team heavily politicized. That is why I decided to przewac conversation about music and hook on the affair. The more that Nicky does not avoid such themes in an interview with the envoys of the other letters rock. - Last time you said in the interview that you like certain varieties of socialism, that you enjoy a truly egalitarian society, in which everyone has provided education. I refer to something like that with a nieujnoscia. Just because I come from a country where for many years reigned system called ³socjalistycznym² and was broad access to schools, but certainly not allowed to act a team like Manic Street Preachers ... Does the world today is a political system that would suit you? Or maybe you are the socialist-idealist? NW - I think that still can be socialism, but not as revolutionary as in the thirties and forties. Everything today can propose, are the conditions in which everyone can have his chance ... There is enough money, especially in countries such as the UK, lest anyone is zapewinic. But this Klada swa paw Company's millionaires - have they all the money. And it should be utilized. - In the text Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayit¹sworldwouldfallapart devoted to American mentalmosci, raining word Poland. It appears among the names egozotycznych countries, which in recent times attracted the attention of public opinion in the United States: Grenada, Haiti, Nicaragua. Poland also because goes to your work? NW - Just because Solidarity and Lech Walesa. Then I learned that Poland was for him a symbol of the fight, which paid off. I immediately reserved August: I do not know - probably now it looks different ... I took proposed by him Watek and talked a moment about how it's always social expectations fail to match reality. As it turned out the surprise of many, the opening of the Polish to the world does not necessarily mean a VCR and a car for everyone ... And then I asked Nicky¹ego, who studied political science, is interested in the history of our country. NW - just remember all of the eighties - Solidarity, Eastern Bloc, the Cold War and the formulation of the ³rosyjska invasion of Czechoslovakia and Wegry² - responsibility. And Polish ghetto, all these things about the Jews ... - Pleasantly talking with you, and yet once you had a very mieprzyjemnie sounding lyrics. What do you think today about one of them, with a repeat of 1991: Repeat for me / Fuck queen and ojczyznze. NW - I still think so - Why? NW - Because I hate the monarchy in my country. I hate the Chamber of Lords. They wszysczy should be beheading. The French were right, the guillotined whole royal family ... They just cost a shit and doing. - You said in an interview ³Q² that once marzylowam to start a revolution. Is it possible to say that from the beginning you were left-wing band? And where it locates - your zdaniem- now? NW - I believe that now the UK Labour Party is not on the left. Tony Blair happening as conservatives - the fact that they are less radical. There is no real left-wing party, there is no socialistycznej left. There is such a thing as Christian socjaldomokracja. It really depresses me, because they can not get to voice the common people, the working class. They have no representation. Everything I consider, as necessary - as free education, free of charge licznictwo - has been zaprzepaszcone. Nothing has been. Trade unions have become meaningless. - And only they are causing your sympathies? NW - Yes. Of course there are communists is, it is not far left. They are socialists. May these views that I share. - Do you think that's a good connection: rock and politics? NW - Sometimes it's good. - Your favorite The Clash was doing it almost without interruption. NW - Yes. Great, so they are the teams ... But there are also groups like Led Zeppelin, which sing about drinking, sex - here Nick laughed. Sometimes it is good policy, and sometimes - fun ... FIFTH FIVE MINUTES

In the end I decided to ask a question, which probably ASK everyone, doing interviews with the Manic Street Preachers. What happened to the owners Richey¹emu? Where now can be? Answer was short: I don¹t know. And because it is not accompanied none unpleasant grimace on the face of my interlocutor, I pressed again. I started to wonder out loud as possible ... The effect was the same: Nothing we can say, because I do not know. So I changed the subject. - You played a short tour with Oasis. What do you think about them? NW - I love them. They are really lovely people. And everyone thinks that they are arrogant. - It's already a star of the first magnitude, while it can influence the characters. NW - Yes, they are stars, but jko people are really nice. They were really helpful to us. They are the most natural and talented band, with those which know. I think that they are excellent. - You not only know the dales August sowing Manic Street Preachers as a talented bass player, but also as a lyricist or co-author - with Richey James. It seems to me that there is close relationship between your likturami, and what you write for the band. NW - It is something that we always were interested. When we founded the band liked all the American beatnik Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and so on ... - Many reading? NW - still read, but not as much as once. I read a lot, you know - University ... - I noticed that you like the style of William Burroughs. NW - Yes. I love Burroughs. Especially the songs from the first album I was under his influence. ³Motorcycle Emptiness² was inspired by the writing of William Burroughs. - And now arise as your lyrics? What jesst your biggest inspiration? NW - I watch TV, read books. - You're like John Lennon, who was watching television, lest create? NW - Yes. Exactly as John Lennon ... also I read magazines too. He writes about the same things as them. And that's why it inspires me. - Apparently sworn that never ie you write a love song. As if this not enough - in Life Becoming a Landslide fall down the words, there is no true love ... NW - I believe that there is such a thing as true love. Richey he never believed. He absolutely did not believe in love ... And I believe, but I really do not want to write a song about it. Because there are millions of bands, which are formed with a song about love. - I just want to be different. NW - Yes. He wants to write songs about something else, lest people could afford to think: ³Kupie plate Manic Street Preachers. Their songs are about something innym². Just about it, lest to offer something that would be an alternative to the repertoire of most groups. - Your team mate, James Bradfield, said in an interview with podzatkach Manic Street Preachers: We wanted to believe in something, and we could not find anything like that. What did you believe during his years with the band? NW - I think that's only what we believe are our songs. - Only this? NW - I do not believe in anything more ... Intelligence. I think that still faith in intelligence. People need to be aware of what is happening around them. Must be swiadami. - You said in an interview ³Vox², you could also be a sports journalist. Really satisfied the demands of that? NW - Yes. - It seems that you like to play sports? NW - I like football, cricket, rugby. - All this is very English sports. NW - No, it really Welsh rugby specialty ... I like too athletics. I like boxing. I think boxing is my favorite sport. Clearly the sports theme turned out to Nickey¹ego intriguing. I learned yet that when he was young, sometimes he siegrywac of the ball in the colors of Wales ... Then came the insistent knock on the door. Manager reminded that time is over. That's already the case in the big world. Nicky yelled back, she wants to have a moment to talk. And I could see that quote from Jackson Pollock, the artist-abstractionist, found himself on the cover disc definitely town by accident. Assert Nicky is interested in painting Besides, his interest in this field are quite broad. She likes artists representing different periods and styles. Heat mentioned by Van Gogh, Gustav Klimcie and Paul Klee. Well, I am trying to become a collector. So far, he buys the work of Welsh artists, because - as I explained without embarrassment - are not too expensive. Praised, too, that a collection of books on art. Then Nicky began to ask. It was interested - of course - that Western teams, there were with us recently. I listened with interest to my story about a very successful concert of Pearl Jam at Torwar in Warsaw. LAST MINUTE

Finally, the moment came when embarrassing, I asked a final question. From the notes, which'd prepared, I plucked another quote ... - I used to zapowiedzieliscie: sell 26 million copies of our first album and the band solution. I suspect that this was a joke. And could you repeat that on the occasion of Everything Must Go? NW - If we sold so many discs ... If we sold 26 million, then maybe zakonczylibysmy activity. But many did not sell - responsibility and once again smiled radiantly. talked: WIESLAW Królikowski