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Everything Must Go To Them! - NME, 8th February 1997

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Title: Everything Must Go To Them!
Publication: NME
Date: Saturday 8th February 1997


Manic Street Preachers won Best Album, Best Single and Best Live Act at this year's NME Brat Awards With Miller Genuine Draft.

All three of the Manics - including the normally reclusive Sean Moore - turned up for the ceremony, now in its fourth year, last Tuesday at the Camden Centre in north London. Other major award winners voted for by NME readers included Oasis, who won Best Band and Musical Event of the year, and Kula Shaker, Who won Best New Band.

The Manics' Nicky Wire, accepting the Best Album Brat, dedicated the award to Richey Edwards, who went missing almost two years ago to the day Of the ceremony. Wire also saluted long-time hero Arthur Scargill, former president of the National Union of Miners, and leader of the Socialist Labour party.

Receiving the Best Single Brat, he said: "This is dedicated to Arthur Scargill, but you probably haven't heard of him yet 'cos you're all London Tories."

The Manics also won a fourth award - invented by presenters Mark Radcliffe and Marc 'Lard' Riley - for Best Song Including The Name Kevin.

Jarvis Cocker collected the Godlike Genius Award For Services To Music for disrupting Michael Jackson's performance at the 1996 Brit Awards. Clearly taken aback, he capitalised on the moment - the show was broadcast live on Radio 1 and reported on by a plethora of international papers, radio and TV channels - to launch a scathing attack on the Spice Girls.

"They said Margaret Thatcher was the first Spice Girl," he announced, "and somehow that seems to have been passed over. But Margaret Thatcher did her best to decimate and fuck up this country, so fuck Margaret Thatcher and fuck the Spice Girls. Here's to the new dawn!"