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Everything Changes - Teraz Rock, December 2004

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Title: Everything Changes
Publication: Teraz Rock
Date: December 2004
Writer: Angelika Kucińska

Teraz Rock1204.jpg

They were silent for three years. A month ago interrupted the silence album Lifeblood. Instead puerile aggression offered peace and maturity. What happened to the Manic Street Preachers? On behalf of the team of translators drummer Sean Moore.

The last studio album Manic Street Preachers released in early spring of 2001. It was not you three years. Which by this time has happened with the band?

We were free. We felt that we need to re-evaluate everything myself, think things through, to live a normal life. It took us some time to create a Lifeblood - two years of writing and collecting material with small breaks for the greatest hits collection ( Forever Delayed , premiere October 2002) and rare recordings...( Lipstick Traces - A Secret History Of Manic Street Preachers , Prime Minister of June 2003 - ed. ak)

After the release of which there were rumors of a breakup of the band. There was some truth to them?

No, definitely not. Behind this information was press. Journalists need headers, so they came up with a problem. It was pathetic ... On the other hand, we have helped them in this. We sat quietly, we involved in the promotion boards, did not care for the presence in the tabloids as certain groups, I just tried to stay away from newspapers ...

But the team has not happened anything wrong?

No, on the contrary. I got married, became a father. The baby was born Nick (Wire'owi, bassist - ed ak), who was also busy with the wedding preparations. We returned to normal, everyday life. In fact, there was nothing more.

Let's talk about text.

No, it's Nicky wrote all (laughs). Okay, if you want, we can talk, but be warned - it is Nicky songwriter.

And once again they came to him texts important, though perhaps more personal than ever before. You tired of politics?

I would not call it fatigue. These issues are still important to us. The more that the policy is not aimed at the moment in any meaningful way. Take the West - democracy, in many countries at a similar, even level, and yet it is often the choice is limited. When we look at it from the perspective of the whole world we will see that counts only a few large countries and smaller countries have nothing to say. Therefore, the fight for democracy is still very important, and yet it always did. The difference is that with age are more introwertyczni, assess the situation from a different point of view. Still, we are writing songs involved ...

For example, The Love Of Richard Nixon .

Yes, this song is the characteristics of the person whose image and evaluation of changes over the years. It is also a song about how the media manipulates facts. That tells us only what they want to tell us. This text can also refer to several other American presidents. George Bush Junior and what he was doing in Africa. Bill Clinton, who ignored the situation in Rwanda contributed to the death of millions of people. It can also be read as a comment on how it is treated Ronald Reagan. Megalomaniac who sought to dominate the world, after years will enjoy and respect the opinion of the man to whom we owe the end of the Cold War. You can see this clearly part of the media.

And Emily?

This song tells the story of Emmeline Pankhurst, feminist fighting for women's equality. Emily met in your life with a lot of humiliations, our own country almost forgotten about it, despite the fact that what she did was really important. While the rest of the songs are already our view of society, our personal problems. It may catch on politics, but it happens on a different than usual intellectual level.

Let's talk for a moment about The Love...You chose this song for the first single. The fact has a great melody. But the most controversial text. It would not hurt this promotion?

Frankly, we did not want to spend on a single song that would be played on the radio too often. Do not care about the media presence, the people there are very cynical, especially those from the British media. We chose this unobtrusive way to promote that listeners can look at the record as a whole, without focusing on the big single. Besides the presidential election in the US meant that the song seemed to us the most appropriate.

The last question - dispelling doubts. After the premiere Know Your Enemy said that Manic Street Preachers will record only one more studio album. Out that Lifeblood is your farewell. Please tell me that you lied.

I lied (laughs). We negotiated in the company a contract for two more plates. We returned to the starting point - first we had a contract for ten albums, then we went down to eight, and now again we have contracted ten discs. So if we still believe in the sense of what we do, and if we just ideas in the near future will be published at least two new board Manic Street Preachers.

So fans do not have to worry about?

They can be calm. We will play.