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Eternally Delayed - Wirtualna Polska, 31st October 2002

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Title: Eternally Delayed
Publication: Wirtualna Polska
Date: Wednesday 31st October 2002
Writer: Maciek Rychlicki

'Forever Deleyed' is the title of the latest, Compilations plate formation Welsh Manic Street Preachers . The last thirteen years of one of the most important British bands of the decade of the 90's says NICKY WIRE , bassist and songwriter.

You've released the long-awaited compilation of greatest hits Manic Street Preachers . A gift for the fans, or perhaps closing a chapter of your history?
I think this and that. We needed a little time to look back at everything that has so far achieved. It is also a form of thank you to the fans and to inform some of them, particularly in the UK, the band existed even before the huge success plate 'Everything Must Go' and he played it RICHEY (EDWARDS, guitarist MSP, who in 1995 disappeared without a trace - ed. MR). It is also such a small replay of history.

The title 'Forever Delayed' (Forever delayed) suggests that the release of this album was not as easy as it seems. Is actually the Prime Minister was still postponed?
The title refers to a single on our second album. Even then we thought that this might be an appropriate title for a compilation of "best of". Since then, many years have passed, we were able to spend a lot of singles and could not be with this wait any longer - we could pick up of 28 tracks. Now is the right time for it.

And it is attributable to this year's tenth anniversary of the band also had its significance>
Probably not. After the previous album 'Know Your Enemy', the most diverse in terms of music, reached extremes in our views and texts. We got to the point where we needed a little nostalgic look at what is behind us. History of Manic Street Preachers is a story of romance, full of ups and downs. We wanted to remind her again. Many people believe that praise your success. But on the disc are also traces of the many failures that happened between us.

So you should treat it as so. concept-album?
Yes, the music is there a tool to tell the story of the band. Therefore, we chose the songs from every stage of our career.

How then proceeded selection of these songs? Kierowaliście positions, which reached the charts, or dobieraliście them at their discretion?
The criterion was rather our private relationship to each piece. We care for the placing on the album three singles 'Motown Junk', 'Suicide Is Painless' and 'The Masses Against The Classes', which did not make it before on any album. We wanted to make it two or three completely new songs. The choice of songs for the album proved to be more difficult than we thought. I wanted, for example, 'Stay Beautiful' JAMES 'Ocean Spray' and SEAN 'Life Becoming a Landslide'. But the way it works with democracy! (laugh)

Is during the recording session, during which, a new song 'There By The Grace Of God', you recorded the pieces that will be on your next album?
We recorded about twelve, fourteen songs, four of which hit the side b single 'There By The Grace Of God'. It was therefore about eight, but we do not know what we do with them.

Is the album release a "best of" binds to you with a sense of release - we can do whatever we want to start working on a new bill, because just rozliczyliśmy with the past?
In some sense. Our next album will be something completely different, new. Always interested in us recording this album as 'Nebraska' Bruce Springsteen - something acoustic, pure. A summary of the history they have it to yourself that it's all resolve your hands: give the opportunity to do what you want only.

Then there are also completely crazy ideas: you may have heard recently that one of the legends brit-pop - BLUR - his new album recorded with Fatboy Slim. What do you say?
Success Damon GORILLAZ meant that apparently opened up a whole new musical genres. It is a pity that in this connection the band leaves the other co - GRAHAM Coxon. His twisted guitars and a distinctive, slightly plaintive vocals have always been an integral part of BLUR. It's kind of funny, but we started more or less at the same time as they were, and today we are among the few who survived.

What do you think caused the crisis are enduring, we passed brit-pop, and in general the whole rock music?
We've always been friends. Grew up in the same village, we went to the same school, so we were close to each other not only as musicians, but also people. What's more, we passed it by outsiders - at a time when the UK ruled THE STONE ROSES and Happy Mondays, we considered the representatives of glam and punk-rock. To brit-pop joined only with the release of 'The Holy Bible' - a very dark, confrontational album. But I think we always somewhere to the side, in spite of the prevailing fashions or trends. He saved us the distance that for years behaved. Maybe that's thanks to him we have never lost the ground under his feet.

The limited edition of the disc will contain remixes of your songs by the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack and The Avalanches. How did you encourage them to cooperate?
With many of these musicians JAMES (DEAN BRADFIELD, singer MSP - ed. MR) friendship personally. Back in 1993, our first independent record label Heavenly Records was one of the club Heavenly Social, today already cult in London. Often DJ-ovals, there THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS, dropped in for a beer or a group PAUL WELLER JAMES. The fact that their remixes prepared for us now DAVID HOLMES, MASSIVE ATTACK and The Avalanches shows that we were there from the beginning. While certainly we owe their cooperation James, which rotates in the environment. It is more sociable than me.Only thanks to him that a bonus is something really interesting.

So, you are known for Your friends never tried to encourage you to experiment with electronic music? They did not offer to produce boards in just such a style?
We attach too much importance unless the words of the songs. James says that it is they who determine the character of the whole. That's why it seems to me that the lyrics on the new album will force us to record it in such a raw, direct form as possible. But on the other hand ... never say never! Now this album is just a one-time adventure, as far prefer to control than to be controlled. And how far does not bring it especially bad results!

You mentioned the importance of words in your compositions. Have you ever had the chance to see for themselves what they have changed in the life of your fans?
All the time we find out about this wandering websites set up by the fans, reading sends their fanzines. An example is the 'If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next', telling about the problems of the Spanish Civil War - thanks to us, a lot of people really interested in this issue, honor did not even know of the existence of such a conflict. In other compositions also we serve our many references to contemporary history or culture. The same, I remember fascinated me in pieces SEX PISTOLS and THE CLASH. Their texts opened before me a whole new perspective. I hope that the same can be said also about us. Probably we not change the world, but it certainly changed people. For me a huge impact was even MORRISSEY.Thanks to him, I fell in love in the works of Oscar Wilde, who still passionately read.

The album cover shows all four original band members. But have you ever passed you by the head the idea to place Richey group took someone else. He disappeared after a very difficult time for you - literally the day before the big tour.
It was very difficult. Under the terms of personality or talent is certainly no one can never be compensated, but when it comes to live performances, it's James, who also plays the guitar can not simultaneously play two parties, sing and jump around the stage. The introduction of someone new would be very handy, but it seemed to us something right. And you have to follow certain rules. Many teams would even over this is not wondering, just look at OASIS and SUEDE - take the composition of the new guitarists and the case. But we could not do so. We ourselves may be too much?

When I listen to the guitar with a new piece of 'There By The Grace Of God', immediately comes only one association - THE CURE. Will this team ever belonged to the circle of your inspiration?
So, like other post-punk bands - JOY DIVISION and Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Cure were those in which listened to in his youth. Then there were also Echo & the Bunnymen. They created a little gothic mood, so after years really is to what you refer. 'There By The Grace ...' is for us a little cool, very European piece. We did not want to come back with another pathetic number in the style of the great Maniców, we needed something less challenging. Other than normal. Quite hypnotic ...

Now it will be a little philosophical. Do you think that for 10 years of your business, the name Manic Street Preachers (Crazy, street preachers) has changed in some way its significance? Is preaching (teaching) means something different today than a decade ago?
I used the word manic things concerning mainly the energy that wyzwalaliśmy with each other on stage. Street - street testament to our working-class origins. We grew up in modest, difficult conditions. Preachers was almost religious, indicating that we want to convert people, we want to, they saw another side of life, they began to listen to other music. With time and with the progressive development of the team, people started calling us simply The Manics (Madmen), because they could not handle the load, which was connected with the rest of the name. While this may only apply to the UK ...

And if you had to choose the three most important moments of your career, what would it be?
Certainly recording our first single 'Motown Junk'. Then still we belonged to a small, independent label, whose profile made to feel that we are doing the right thing. Previously, we could only dream of recording, now dreams became reality. We have witnessed the emergence of amazing, a piece of rock - it's us uskrzydlało. Later, it was certainly record 'Scream to a Sigh', when I first felt the team creating world works, which could refer to anyone, anywhere. Besides, it's a beautiful number with a truly magical guitars in the background. Then 'A Design For Life' - out of the shadows. After the incident of Richey, all the problems plaguing us wrote something so beautiful and pure that they were surprised. It not without significance was also the success of this work - wherever you looked, at some point, all humming our songs.

A most memorable performance?
No doubt a concert in Cuba. I've never played anything like it. People do not even know how to react to our music: some danced, some began to accompany us on their guitars (!), Some najnormalniej in the world had fallen asleep in a corner somewhere. Even just being in this place was something strange, even shocking. And what playing there. Something fantastic.

When preparing a new song, I understand that first appear in her words?
Yes of course.

In such a case ever to dare to use any text, because you alone seemed just too controversial?
I'd be lying if I said that such a thing never happened. Sometimes wades also in such subjects that you personally move, but that did not interest to anyone else. I would not call this censorship, it just editing what you want to say. Especially texts Richey were quite dramatic in tone. He was a fascinating personality with a very - I would say - a rich inner life. For comparison, my lyrics are perhaps more expressive, often refer to political issues.

In that case, I have to ask you about the latest scandal in a political speech piece GEORGE MICHAEL 'Shoot The Dog'. What do you think about mixing politics with music in this particular case?

This song is the only proof that you have to have a catchy chorus or a cool one sample, so people really interested in what you have to say. Then you can go down even to political issues and no one seemed to mind. People took up the topic contained in the 'If You Tolerate This ...' just so sensational in the melody. The song must be good so musically and lyrically.One can not be replaced by a second, which I think is trying to do recently to no avail GEORGE MICHAEL. Maybe because it was too much for him ... it depends rarely possible to combine poetry with social good music. But if it has already succeed, they created such gems as 'Street Fighting Man' THE ROLLING STONES, 'White Riot' THE CLASH is probably the best example of 'God Save The Queen' SEX PISTOLS.

So you move around quite a risky area. If you sang about love, no one would draw attention to the words.
Yes. Around there is quite a lot of really decent music, but from the text a long time no one threw me to my knees. There is no personality that so pobudzałyby my mind as I used JOHNNY ROTTEN, Joe Strummer and MORRISSEY.

But there are no teams that would be for you a little bit inspiring?
Maybe THE VINES. I appreciate them for the approach to music and chaos, how skillfully it produces.

I have nothing against them. If I were a teenager now, it's probably in such a team would like to just play. But I'm looking for something deeper, something that exists not only in the music.