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Don't Believe The Type! - Melody Maker, 14th August 1993

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Title: Don't Believe The Type!
Publication: Melody Maker
Date: Saturday 14th August 1993


Some of our favourite stars answer the questions that count...

1. Do you believe what you read in the press?
Life was easy when I did, yip-yip-yipee.

2. Have you ever felt used by the music press?
Of course. We are just brain-dead, sheep-fucking, rugby-playing, leek-eating morons. Racist - oh no. "To Live And Dai In LA", "The Welsh Drag On", 'The Rhyll Thing", "Guns N'Daffodils", "You Sexy Merthyr F***ers", "The Newport Dolls", "Meek Leek Manifesto", 'Dai Harder", "The Boyos Are Back In Town". Would "Potato-Eating Paddy" ever get a Therapy? cover line?

3. Do the press, or do the band, have the final word?
The press. And rightly so. Make it a part of the constitution.

4. Has the press helped you in any way?
We've read it since we were children. And learnt to love music in the correct way. We understand Bobby Gillespie We do not understand Jeremy Leveller. We can love Aretha Franklin's "Angel", Otis Redding's "Cigarettes And Coffee" Dead Kennedys "California Uber Alles", Big Flame's "Sargosa". We are not like other musicians and their ideals of purity. Crusties can never admit that 'Wild Horses" and "Memory Motel" by the Stones are classic songs because they were written by corporate rock whores. Name us a good band that lives like a tramp and then let's talk about principles.

5. Would you have "made it" without the press?
Of course.

6. Do you think we are too conscious of image, and not conscious enough of music?
You can never be too conscious of image. Those without image do not truly care about music. They treat it as a fucking hobby.

7. Is there a lack of objectivity in reporting?
Yes, thank God.

8. Do you think we build 'em up to knock 'em down?
Ask Thousand Yard Stare.

9. Are the press too arbitrary in what they cover? Too egotistical?
Egotistical and outdated in their music tastes. Look at how many writers like The Auteurs. Their vision of the Eighties is that Felt were an important band. So many writers pretend to care about music but never really listen to it. So many journalists are totally unaware of Pantera, Suicidal Tendencies (a band we have nothing in common with but at least we acknowledge their existence). Job's a job innit?

10. Do the press try to control everything they cover?
You certainly censored Brett's belly for the last 12 months. Sexy.

11. Should the press lead or follow?
Lead Always and forever. At the same time don't be so proud about The Levellers rubbing your noses in the dirt.

12. Are we propagandists or parasites?
Hopefully parasites. Sounds covered Guns N'Roses, Jane's Addiction and Nirvana before you lot (not true - pedantic Ed), and look what happened to them.