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Despair As Manics Head Out! - Kerrang, 15th May 1993

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Title: Despair As Manics Head Out!
Publication: Kerrang
Date: Saturday 15th May 1993
Photos: Ray Palmer


Manic Street Preachers slam hippies and journos on hot new LP!

Manic Street Preachers release a new single on June 1 and follow it with a major UK tour in July.

The tour dates are as follows: Leeds Town And Country Club July 1, Manchester Academy 2, Glasgow Barrowlands 3, Newcastle Mayfair 4, Nottingham Rock City 5, Southend Cliffs Pavilion 7, Cambridge Com Exchange 8, Wolverhampton Civic Hall 9, Newport Centre 10, Torquay Riviera Centre 12, Portsmouth Guildhall 13.

The Manics' first single of 1993 is titled 'From Despair To Where'. It's backed by another new song, 'Hibernation', an acoustic, Beatles-influenced number which will not appear on the band's forthcoming second album, 'Gold Against The Soul'. Also featured on the single are the original versions of 'Spectators Of Suicide' and `Starlover', from the band's days on indie label Heavenly.

Manics bassist Nicky Wire told Mayhem this week: "We made the new album in one creative whirl. We had 10 tracks written and recorded within six months. It sounds more real than the first record Generation Terrorists which had quite a synthetic, polished sound. We have a lot of classic Rock and Hard Rock influences, but we still want our records to sound good on the radio.

"A lot of the songs on 'Generation Terrorists' were written when we were very young. The new songs are more angry, even though we've grown up a bit. We thought we might start writing about lying around on LA beaches, but the lyrics on this album are even more bitter and angry.

"One song is called 'Nostalgic Pushead'. That's a nasty one. It's a tirade against everythmg we hate, not just record business bullshit, but society as a whole, from New Age hippies to journalists; all we've come to despise, including ourselves!"

Also included on the new album are 'Sweet Flower', 'Roses In The Hospital', 'Gold Against The Soul' and `Symphony Of Tourette'. The latter track was in part inspired by the the Manics' controversial 1992 London Kilburn National show, where Wire's comments about AIDS and REM singer Michael Stipe angered members of press and public.

Says Wire: "We are liable as a band to say stupid things. "We have a lot of gay fans and they understood what I meant at that gig. That wasn't homophobia. I just found it really fucking hard watching someone as decadent as David Bowie on his knees at the Freddie Mercury concert reciting the Lord's Prayer." 'Gold Against The Soul' has been produced by Dave Eringa - who will also join the band on tour - playing keyboards.

"We're very old-fashioned in the sense that we play live a lot. "It's always gonna be exciting seeing us, if not always enjoyable!" concludes Wire.