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Designs For Life - GQ, December 2006

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Title: Designs For Life
Publication: GQ
Date: December 2006


The Manics frontman shares five survival tips forged in rock'n'roll.

Moderate your diet...
"I always had two bottles of Jameson on my rider, which I'd knock down in one. From 1994 to 2000, I was a good, steady drinker. But the tragic thing about getting old - and it doesn't matter about weight gain or hair loss -is that you can't go on tour, sing and drink and smoke without losing your voice."

...but remember that the five-a-day thing is not always possible.
"I despise kiwi fruit. They're in every fruit salad you buy, which you always do under duress. It's fine getting an apple because you can get your penknife out and skin it, so you buy a fruit salad and take the Cellophane off and you think, 'Is the Cellophane going lo make me sterile?' And then it's, 'There's kiwi fruit in it!' Kumquats too"

Take a break every now and then.
"My solo album (The Great Western (Columbia)) was a holiday from the Manics, which is my home. Eventually you get sick of the holiday and you want to go home again. But, Jesus Christ. I'm looking forward to doing a massive tour with them next year."

You can't master everything.
"Arctic Monkeys and what they're doing they're brilliant, but that's all I need to know about MySpace. I can't help thinking they would have been a great band despite that. Myspace is no use to me whatsoever."

There is magic in the world.
"I believe in the magic that one person can hold over 80,000 people in a sporting arena. If there is such a thing as a popular, everyday magician. I think it's Martin Johnson. For a Welshman to admit that Martin Johnson is his all-time sporting hero is something. lie's an amazing bloke."