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Christmas Rapping - NME, 16th December 2010

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Title: Christmas Rapping
Publication: NME
Date: Thursday 16th December 2010


Hello, Nicky. What do you want for Christmas?
Apart from the obvious world peace? I'm pretty satisfied to be honest. The Orange Juice box-set? A Scalextric? Oh, and for my Doctor Who script to be accepted. Oh, and for the coalition government to collapse. That would be a great present. Fingers crossed.

Who would be your fantasy Christmas dinner guests?
Apart from James and Sean? Paul Weller, Nicholas Carr - the guy who wrote the book called The Shallows, which us really interesting, about re-wiring your brain with the internet and all that. Sam Taylor-Wood. Billy Childish. And Captain Beefheart. Maybe alive in the desert? And Shirley Bassey maybe for the entertainment value. There must be some good stories in her.

This table is getting pretty big now...
And I don't even know how to cook.

What would you talk about?

What news story has entertained you the most?
The coalition government. Having the election and there's nothing but politics on the TV for a week, that's my idea of entertainment. You knew it was going to turn into a fudged disaster, but I couldn't turn it off.

So this was also you disaster of the year?
Yeah. Watching political parties utterly rip up their manifestos and the use the excuse of, 'Oh it's a coalition government, we have to change our manifesto'. What is the point of even having one in the first place? And the continuing bail-out of the financial institutions across Europe I find increasingly perverse.

Now for the serious stuff. How the hell did the Manics end up on Strictly Come Dancing?
I remember saying if we ever ended up getting on Strictly, that's what this album was designed for. Even then I never thought it would come true. But it would never be a thing we'd be ashamed of doing. I heard some people say, 'Oh, what would Richey think?' and I'm like, 'That's what we were like when we started!' We never turned down any TV, even when Richey was in the band. Me and Richey once did an interview with a glove puppet! And these people who seem to think they know what Richey would have thought! It's just unimaginable! We wanted to get on Top Of The Pops! The cover of NME and Top Of The Pops is why we formed the band!