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Band Proves It's 4 Real..! - Peterborough Evening Telegraph, 30th January 1992

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Title: Band Proves It's 4 Real..!
Publication: Peterborough Evening Telegraph
Date: Thursday 30th January 1992
Writer: Kevan Roberts


Since they arrived in the country about 18 months ago, Welsh upstarts the Manic Street Preachers have rarely been out of the headlines.

Slowdive may have sold more records and Ned's Atomic Dustbin might have played to more people, but the Manics have been the new band to devour the column Inches.

Beginning when they caused a riot at Cambridge University ball after just four songs, the Manics' future newsworthiness was guaranteed when the band's guitarist Richey Edwards took a razorblade and carved the words 5 Real into his forearm in a dumb attempt to convince a sceptical journalist that the hand were genuine.

The mascara-wearing punk revivalists also put everybody's back up when they signed to Columbia for a massive advance and than took 30 weeks to record their debut LP - at a cost of more than £380,000.

And then It was revealed that guitarist Richey didn't even play a note on the LP and that bass player Nicky Wire's contribution was also kept to a minimum.

Orange-haired Nick told Bands: "Sean and James are the musicians in the group to they have done all the recording while me and Richey have been responsible for designing the artwork, writing the lyrics and playing video games."

"Nevertheless this LP is the most complete thing we here ever done, it will confound all our critics and win us a lot of fans who will get to see that we are for real."

"We have been treated by the press as if we are either a joke or a manufactured band with a master plan but we aren't."

When it is released on February 10, the double gatefold LP Generation Terrorists is bound to send ripples through the business once again - the cover features a nude male torso on a crucifix.

Nicky said: "We have been told by the managing director of Columbia that we need to sell 600,000 copies to break even but he is very confident we can sell more than three million in just a year."

Once this is achieved the Manics aim to split up and return to their native Wales.

Nicky said "Were going to make a massive impression and then disappear."

"That's what Guns and Roses should have done after their first LP - they shouldn't have recorded another."

"Too many bands grow old disgracefully nowadays but we won't."