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Backstage At New Manics Video - worldpop, 3rd May 2001

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Title: Backstage At New Manics Video
Publication: worldpop
Date: Thursday 3rd May 2001

worldpop gained exclusive backstage access to Manic Street Preachers at the video shoot for their new single, Ocean Spray. The video was shot in two different London locations and was directed by Ridley Scott's production company, Black Dog.

One scene showed a swarm of bird-eating spiders crawling out of a crack in the wall. A special spider handler was on the job to ensure that the palm sized, eight-legged monsters were kept in check. James freaked when he met up with the hairy critters.

"I hope you don't expect me to pick one up!" he said. Fortunately the spiders stayed safely contained in their special box until their acting skills were required.

James passed the time between takes in the chill out room, playing games of table hockey with anyone who was up for it.

At the second location, drummer Sean Moore and bassist Nicky Wire had to do their thang. Sean turned up looking rough and unshaven after flying back into London from Germany. Two wardrobe stylists bought three suitcases filled with shirts for the diminutive drummer, but he threw a wobbly, claiming he didn't like any of the colours, or the fit, and stomped off to his drum kit wearing a home bought creation.

Nicky, however, was in much better spirits after a twelve hour rest and a swim in the hotel pool. Over a plate of chips doused in vinegar, he chatted with worldpop. "I can't even walk my dog around the farm when I'm at home, because there is foot and mouth in the farm next door." And he expressed relief at being able to spend some quality time at home with his wife, in the Welsh village of Wattsville. "Touring's tiring stuff," he sighed.

The video shoot was also pretty exhausting with filming going on from 9.30 am until midnight, but the results were fantastic. Ocean Spray could go down as a classic Manics