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Back To The Scene Of The Crime - Expressen, June 1999

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Title: Back To The Scene Of The Crime
Publication: Expressen
Date: June 1999
Writer: Jonna Bergh

During every Hultsfred festival is there something you talk about a bit extra, something about any band, a quote or an occurrence.

Manic Street Preachers wished that Bono from U2 would die in 1993, and that became the great talk-about-subject that year.

We bid Nicky Wire welcome back to Hultsfred.

About a week before Manic Street Preachers did their first, and up to now, only concert at Hultsfred festival they had caused controversy when they hoped that the singer of REM, Michael Stipe, would die of AIDS.

When they arrived at Hultsfred the turn had been given to Bono in U2.

"Bono is a jerk. I hope he dies," said Nicky and James Dean Bradfield.

Then it was settled. Manic Street Preachers became Hultsfred's talk-about-subject of the year. Since that they haven't returned. Until now.

Do you remember anything of the Hultsfred festival?

"Absolutely. It was a hard period, and no one seemed to like us. We were surprised when we came to a festival were people seemed to actually like us.

You were the talk-about-subject of 1993.

"Were we?"

You wished that Bono from U2 would die.

"Ooops...Eh, but yeah, that was the way it were on that time, we talked so damn much. We were so angry and you have to remember we were just around 20. We were very young and very angry. But if we said that we whiched that Bono would die we probably meant it, we were always very honest and sincere."

Now you can say Manics have become U2. Today you're a big band, one of the greatest in Britain. For the new, young bands you're a Bono.

"(Laughs) I understand what you mean. Today we've become a piece of the establishment. That's a dilemma for a band with our values you know. But at the same time you want as many people as possible to like the things you do. It's really divided into two, that thing."

Would you feel sad if some young rascals should say the same thing about you as you said about Bono.

"If they said "Manics are all old men who've grown together with the establishment"? I wouldn't agree, but I would understand them."

Have you kept all the fabulous clothes you used to wear?

"Actually, I've got what you could call an archive of Manics-clothes in my attic in Wales. I've actually got the clothes from all the four of us. Leopard-stuff, my mums old blouses, t-shirts with slogans..."

I'm shocked...That could bring you a small fortune.

"I actually hope that I one day could donate the clothes to a museum in our hometown. It's a bit of a dream actually."